Skincare Routine Secrets from the Milk Makeup Staff Skincare Routine Secrets from the Milk Makeup Staff

Skincare Routine Secrets from the Milk Makeup Staff

In order to give new Vegan Milk Moisturizer (our first-ever cream moisturizer!) a proper welcome, we thought we’d do a deep dive into the art of moisturizing. When should you do it? How much is too much? Do I need to do if I’ve got oily skin? These are all questions that we’ll be answering in a series of stories dedicated to keeping your skin hydrated and feeling good.

by Emily Gaynor + Abby McIntosh 

Every season brings its own special gifts. Fall? Changing leaves. Spring? Beautiful flowers. Summer? Sunny beach days. Winter, however, is in a class of its own. Sure, the weather is straight-up bad (let’s just be honest here) but despite the wind, snow, and dry air, winter presents us with arguably the greatest gift of all: tons of free time to perfect our skincare routines. As the old saying goes, when it’s too gross to go outside, sitting inside and moisturizing the sh*t out of your skin counts as a close substitute for real sunshine. Without further ado, we’d like to share with you a special behind-the-scenes look at the skincare routines of some of our dearest friends at Milk Makeup HQ. From the travel pro to the makeup junkie to the minimalist, these routines will hopefully give you a bit of inspiration, plus a few tricks on how to make the most of Vegan Milk Moisturizer. Enjoy!


How would you describe your approach to skincare in 3 words?
Simple, convenient, consistent.

What’s your skin type?
Normal to dry skin.

Do you change your routine during winter?
I moisturize 2 to 10 times more than I do in the summer.

Take us through your skincare routine.
My routine is pretty simple (see question 1, point 1). I don’t do makeup remover unless I’m wearing some extreme long wear eyeliner or something; I just go straight to washing my face. Right now I’ve been going back and forth between Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser (for a gentle clean) and Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta cleanser (when I’m feeling like I need something more). Then, I go and sit on the couch and watch TV.

Once I’m on comfy on the couch, then, and only then, do I do other skincare steps (see question 1 point 2). I have to do it this way otherwise I won’t do it. I won’t stand in the bathroom. So, I have a cute little box that sits on my windowsill next to my couch spot and I do some Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads followed by a facial serum or toner of my choice (Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Serum or Kiehl’s Age Defender or SKII Toner or Eve Lom Time Retreat).

Then I use Vegan Milk Moisturizer. I resist the urge to put this moisturizer all over my body because it is sacred and I will go through it too quickly if I indulge like that. I know I am biased because I helped make this product, but this is THE. BEST. MOISTURIZER I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried a lot. You have to try them all when you make moisturizers. It is the perfect consistency and it’s so gentle, non-greasy, etc. We took the best of all the products we ever loved and put it into this.

Are there any skincare tips that you love?
I only started getting into skincare when I started thinking of it as a self-care ritual instead of a chore I have to do before bed. Moving my routine out of the bathroom made it way more comfortable for me, way easier, (and fun!). I’m not rushing to finish my routine now because I’m just chillin’ and hanging out with my boyfriend or watching Frasier. This also made it easy to be consistent (question1 point 3).

Do you have any skincare resolutions for 2020?
Definitely better suncare. I don’t like applying sunscreen. Its greasy. And if you’re at the beach you could also be sandy, which really prevents me from applying sunscreen. But alas if resolutions were easy I’d probably already be doing it.


How would you describe your approach to skincare in 3 words?
Consistent, simple, and moisturized.

What’s your skin type?
Slightly oily skin.

Do you change your routine during winter?
Yes, I layer additional oils on top of my richer face creams.

Take us through your skincare routine.
AM: I start by rinsing my face with only cold water, then I dab it dry and apply Watermelon Brightening Serum and Vegan Milk Moisturizer.
PM: I wash my face with Milk Makeup Matcha Cleanser then layer on Vegan Milk Moisturizer and finish with Sunshine Oil.

Are there any skincare tips that you love?
Using an oil when you are oily! So many people with oily skin are scared to do this, but super moisturizing creams and oils actual help to balance the overproduction of oil in the skin. Game changer. AND to not wash in the morning but rinse with cold water — got that one from Pharrell.

Do you have any skincare resolutions for 2020?
To do more masks and try to implement some lymphatic massaging in the evenings for puffiness.


How would you describe your approach to skincare in 3 words?
Oh man, putting the heat on from the jump. If I had only THREE words to describe my approach to skincare, it would be balance, observance, and consistency. I think it’s super important to balance how many active ingredients you’re placing on your skin at one time (especially when dealing with acids) and to observe any minor change in your skin from day to day so you can tailor that day’s lineup. And consistency is obviously key!

What’s your skin type?
My skin type is sensitive and normal to slightly oily. I’m not even mad that it’s on the oily side ‘cause I know it will help me age less quickly. My mom is out here with a glowing complexion and minimal wrinkles so I’m trying to follow in her footsteps. I feel like I fought my natural glow for a while in my teen years and was all about mattifying everything, but now I’m embracing it and going for a more natural/satin finish with makeup.

Do you change your routine during winter?
In the winter, I don’t change my routine too much but I will add in a thicker moisturizer and more sleeping masks into my routine, both for my face and lips (love the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask for face and Laniege for lips). I’m also a lot more diligent about moisturizing in my body the winter.

Take us through your skincare routine.
For my daily skincare routine, I’ll break it down by steps ‘cause there are a lot. I am truly high maintenance in every sense of the word. And of course, I take most everything down to the neck… not gonna have my neck revealing my true age when I’m 50 and trying to pass for 39, you know?

1. Cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser on the Clarisonic Mia.
2. Swipe Milk Makeup Matcha Toner over my T-zone and Cooling Water around my eye area.
3. Swipe Watermelon Brightening Serum all over my face, concentrating mostly on areas where I want extra glow (cheeks, cupid’s bow, etc.).
4. Layer on hyaluronic acid serum and Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Serum.
5. Apply SPF 50 ‘cause I’m pale and freckled and CeraVe Moisturizer.
6. Dab this bougie diamond eye cream I got in Japan with my ring finger under my eyes and on the orbital bone.

1. Cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser on the Clarisonic Mia again.
2. Douse my face in Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Serum.
3. Apply a thin layer of hyaluronic acid serum.
4. Alternate between Korres Wild Rose Oil and Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. I also have a prescription retinol (shoutout Spring Street Dermatology) that I use a few times a week.
5. Moisturize with Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer.
6. Layer on KUSH Lip Balm and Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask.

At night after showering, I’ll also add in a clay mask, sheet mask, or eye mask and do some ice rolling. I’m obsessed with Dr. Jart and Peter Thomas Roth masks and do 1 or 2 every night, depending on what I feel my skin is craving. I’ve gotten my boyfriend really into sheet masks too, so we’ll usually do one, smoke, and watch The Sopranos.

Are there any skincare tips that you love?
Some skincare tips I really love are patting everything into the skin instead of rubbing and ditching makeup wipes in favor of micellar water. I also recently got those reusable cotton rounds you throw in the wash, so my makeup removal process is now a lot gentler and more eco-friendly.

Do you have any skincare resolutions for 2020?
Hmm, skincare resolutions for 2020… I would have to say continuing to be consistent with my routine and ramping up my anti-aging prevention even more are at the top of my list. I also want to continue to explore J and K beauty techniques as I’m absolutely fascinated by them.


What’s your skin type?
Combination but slightly oily skin. Basically, it’s oily only in the places I don’t want it to be. 🙁

Do you change your routine during winter?
Yes. During the summer, my main focus is oil control and sun protection, but in the winter I find that my skin needs a little more attention and a large amount of R&R. These East Coast winters are B-R-U-T-A-L. I can definitely get away with that heavier moisturizer I’ve been saving only for evening and I’ll also start cocktailing various hydrating elements like layering serums and hydrating sheet masks.

Take us through your skincare routine.
AM: I rinse with lukewarm water, then tone with Biologique Recherche P50, then use Indie Lee I-Waken Eye Serum, and finish with Vegan Milk Moisturizer and SPF.

PM: I cleanse, apply a layer of A313 Vitamin A Cream, follow with Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream, apply Vegan Milk Moisturizer, then finish with a face oil + KUSH Growhouse™ Lash + Brow Serum on my brows and lashes!

Are there any skincare tips that you love?
I love putting any products that are for “de-puffing” in my fridge so they’re cold for application. I LOVE the Milk Makeup Cooling Water Eye Patches fresh from the fridge! Also, don’t pick your face — just don’t.

Do you have any skincare resolutions for 2020?
My 2020 resolution is to continue to be more focused on great, happy, healthy skin, which equals less makeup and more time to sleep in.

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