Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup: Explore the Lip Colors Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup: Explore the Lip Colors

Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup: Explore the Lip Colors

by Abby McIntosh

The eight Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup Lip Colors, each named after the earthly elements of the I Ching Trigrams, give you the power to transform into a Wu Warrior in a single swipe.

High impact colors meet enlightened ingredients like yin and yang. Antioxidant-rich sacred lotus water, cherry blossom, and ginseng form a shield to help protect against free radicals and fuel the life energy of the Wu Warrior. Hemp extract hydrates to smooth and plump lips, creating a comfortable oasis for whatever comes your way. The longwear colors guarantee lasting payoff to power you through life.

Inspired by Wu-Tang’s roots, the Lip Colors are housed in bespoke components, featuring custom-sculpted dragon barrels. The luxe packaging features Wu-Tang’s ubiquitous “W” and an original graphic combining the Mandarin character for beauty with Milk Makeup’s logo. Upon opening the Lip Color, you’re met with a 100% vegan formula that comes in three finishes: high shine, nourishing matte, and dimensional glitter.

Each shade invites you on a journey. Consult the I Ching to learn more about the deeper meaning of the shades and meet your match. — Emily Gaynor

Sacred (Rose Gold Glitter) — Heaven:

Heaven, the mightiest of all forces and the origin of all creative energy. You carry within you an enduring lightness and warmth which act as the driving forces of your life spirit. Let this light guide each of your movements and remember that your intentions and actions flow through all worlds, both seen and unseen. This shimmering rose gold shade feeds your artistic mind with dimensional meaning, allowing you to shine as you truly are.

Source (High Shine Burgundy) — Earth:

Earth, the basis of all growth — the center of devotion, kindness, and receptive energy. Your capacity to yield to the changes that life brings is what enables you to grow stronger and more stable in your sense of purpose. Trust that your vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness, and remain open to the energies of each new realm that you encounter. This deep burgundy shade centers your rotation. Once centered, the realm is yours.

Chi (High Shine True Red) — Thunder:

Thunder, the moment of rebirth and renewal — the catalyst of evolution, action, and transformation. Keep your third eye on the prize and trust that you will be called upon at the right time to answer to each shift in your life. While the unknown can bring fear, it can also bring necessary changes. This true red shade serves as a reminder that shake-ups can stir the soul — know the force of thunder will strike in your favor.

Frequency (Purple Glitter) — Water:

Water, the home of your greatest depths — a vessel of light enclosed in darkness. It registers each dark day, then returns happiness back to you through its ripples. Believe that you can walk the obscured path towards light without losing your way. A swipe of this purple glitter shade unites your pulse and rhythm, inviting a journey unimpeded by fear or hesitation.

Cypher (High Shine Cocoa) — Mountain:

Mountain, the peak of personal wisdom and mastery. You can only ascend to the highest point of self-knowledge by first sitting in stillness. Become immovable and resolute in your search for untapped knowledge. Move slowly upwards towards a new understanding of self as each step reveals new perspectives. This high shine cocoa shade grounds your climb just as liquid swords illuminate the path.

Flow (High Shine Rosy Beige) — Wind:

Wind, the gentle but unyielding power. Your actions and intentions need not be strong to be felt — they need only to be consistent. Moving slowly and judiciously will guide you towards the destination that calls to you. Gentleness and devotion to the task make you adaptable when unseen obstacles that arise. This high shine rosy beige shade allows you to move with a constant serenity as you navigate the survival of the flyest.

Fire (Matte Orange Red) — Fire:

Fire, the source of warmth and clarity. If you are presented with the gift of an illuminated path, then you must pass the gift on — know the path, then show the path. Hold close to what is bright, but do not covet the light only for yourself. With persistence, the light shines brighter — trust that you will find your way back to it every time. Swipe on this orange-red shade for instant clarity and embrace your infinite creative alchemy.

Ruckus (High Shine Hot Pink) — Lake:

Lake, the center of joy, youth, and honor. It is the steadfast calm of the lake that serves as the base of your joy — the strength of this base leads you to a more genuine and carefree expression of happiness. The lake runs deep so as to anchor you and protect against the occasional ripples that may cross the surface. This high shine hot pink shade revives your youthful optimism, reminding you to trust the ruckus within.

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