Welcome to Vibes Welcome to Vibes

Welcome to Vibes

Welcome to Vibes!

Welcome to Vibes, a story-telling space for the Milk Makeup community.

Because we know your daily conversations about beauty never really stop at beauty — they evolve into everything from exchanges about inspiring people, to innovation, to environmental concerns, to questions about public policy that directly impact your future. More info, more culture, more knowledge!

That’s why we created Vibes, a platform where you’ll always be included, informed, and the first to know about all things Milk. Naturally, that includes info about our products (everything from the good-for-you ingredients we put in them to all the ways you can wear them), but it also includes stuff like wellness tips, spotlights on you, our amazing #MilkMakeupFam, and really cool alien documentaries.

Have ideas for something you want to see here? Hit us up anytime with your comments, product questions, selfies, and whatever else you’ve got going on. We’re ready, we’re listening, and we’re glad you’re here.


Emily + Abby