Can Jade Rolling ~ Chill Out ~ Your Skin? Can Jade Rolling ~ Chill Out ~ Your Skin?

Can Jade Rolling ~ Chill Out ~ Your Skin?

by Freya Drohan

Hero image: Herbivore Botanicals

Self-love for the skin, yoga for the face, or however you want to define it, jade rolling is on the rise. You might agree if, like us, you’ve already noticed beauty gurus rolling out their faces with mysterious tools, like diligent contestants kneading out pie crust on the Great British Bake Off

No, you’re not hallucinating as you slip into another Instagram black hole, any beauty influencer worth their salt (…scrub) has cottoned-on to the revival of jade rollers and uploaded a handy tutorial to their feed. It’s certainly not a new phenomenon — jade rollers have been an integral part of Chinese beauty routines since ancient times  — but they’re undoubtedly back in the zeitgeist. In fact, according to the Los Angeles Times, Pinterest searches for jade, rose quartz, and other facial rollers were up 345% in the last year. 


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Allow us to delve into some Spencer Pratt circa-2010 speak about crystals here for a sec. According to the book Practical Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals, Horoscopes, Physics & Spellsjade stones are typically associated with healing, protecting against negative energy, and balancing an out-of-whack chi. Jade is also good for longevity and is said to inspire ambition.

If your *mid-week mood* has you going through life like a veritable sloth, this is probably enough to pique your interest. So what does all this mean for your face? Jade rolling is believed to help with lymphatic drainage, a process that rids excess fluid, increases circulation, and reduces swelling. Just like a facial massage, jade rolling also reduces tension, diminishes fine lines, and may increase the absorption of products.

The only thing more calming than watching a tutorial of someone jade rolling their face is doing it yourself. Don’t believe it? Amazon Prime one right to your door and @ us in a month.


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To get the comprehensive low-down on the ritual, we looked to aesthetician Emma Goodman, a holistic skincare expert based out of Beverly Hills vibrational skincare sanctuary Skin Worship. This cult spot delivers the results; fusing spirituality with science as they incorporate healing and crystals into their seriously beneficial rituals. 

Goodman advocates the jade roller, even using it on her clients’ FEET in some of her most popular offerings. This has its grounds in ancient Chinese medicine whereby different parts of the feet correlate to your internal workings, and we all know how a funked-up digestive issue or imbalance can send our skin on a downward spiral.

Goodman demoed the best practices of jade rolling. Roll with us: 

*First things first, the face must be well-lubed, and for this we opted for Milk Makeup Hydrating Oil. The multi-use solid facial hydrator is brimming with nourishing ingredients like apricot, avocado, and jojoba oils, making it a no-brainer for the task at hand.

*When you’re rolling, direct the tool towards the ear where the lymph is located. This stimulates the draining of fluid and increases circulation.

*Use the larger component (bobble) to roll outwards from the center of the face, repeating the strokes three to five times. Say it out loud after us: always upwards and outwards. 

*The smaller bobble can then be used to delicately roll out under and around the eyes. 

*Don’t press so hard that it feels intense. As Goodman says, this should be a relaxing process. You’re already under enough pressure in your everyday life — no need to put your skin in a stressful sitch too. 

*How long you spend rolling out your face essentially comes down to how long you have to devote to self-care. Light some candles, zen out, and take your time. Or if you live in LA, do it while you wait in traffic! Kidding…kinda.

Goodman also digs rose quartz for its calming, cooling properties due to the cold nature of the stone. She is also a bona fide expert in Gua Sha. Gua Sha (pronounced gwah-shaw) is similar to jade rolling in that it incorporates stones and facial massage to boost blood flow, but a flat handheld tool is used instead of a roller.


Still skeptical on the crystal front? We also checked in with Rebecca Kleinerman M.D., a New York-based board-certified dermatologist, to get her take. 

Little research has been done on this centuries-old beauty ritual, but Dr. Kleinerman believes that the crystal benefits of the stone aren’t the real star of the show here.

“Similar to an ice pack or ice roller, transient cold application can bring down swelling and inflammation, and massage of facial tissues is relaxing and can help with lymphatic drainage,” Dr. Kleinerman says. 

“I think probably any smooth stone, applied in such a manner, would work similarly and I would question that the effect is based on the intrinsic properties of jade itself,” she added.

For a chilled-out DIY job, store your roller in the fridge and apply in tandem with your favorite skin sauces. If you’re feeling extra fancy, pop on a sheet mask and use a jade roller to press that hydrating goodness right into the face. 

You might not be able to bake or wield a rolling pin, but your face can look like a treat with the right tool at hand.