Stardust Has Landed! Stardust Has Landed!

Stardust Has Landed!

Everything you need to know about our ~newest~ Holographic Stick.

by Abby McIntosh

A wise person once said that there’s no such thing as too much holo…at least we think. And we agree. We also believe that there’s no such thing as too much pink. That’s why we made Stardust, the newest addition to the holo fam. At the risk of sounding like a stage mom, Stardust is, well, a total star. It has everything that you know and love about our existing Holographic Sticks: a super creamy, coconut-oil infused formula; meteorite powder and twilight pearls for an out-of-this-world glow; and a prismatic, dimensional sheen that flatters all skin tones. But Stardust doesn’t stop there — what sets it apart from the rest of the bunch is the major pink punch that it packs. Because it’s a new addition to the fam, we wanted to give it a proper introduction, so read on for the lowdown on Stardust.


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First things first: what is it and how do you use it? Stardust is a creamy, multi-use, holographic highlighter stick. As for how to use it, the answer is that Stardust can be used just about any way your heart desires. While it makes for a stellar highlighter, Stardust’s universally flattering pink hue also means that you can tackle both blush and highlighter in just one swipe. When applied to the apples and high-points of the cheeks, Stardust imparts a luminous, soft flush while also capturing and reflecting light like a pro. As with all Holographic Sticks, Stardust isn’t just a hero for your cheeks. When blended onto your eyelids, Stardust offers a super-chic wash of pink that can be sheered down or built up to your liking. We’re also into applying Stardust to our lips for a subtle, shimmery tint that simultaneously hydrates, thanks to moisturizing mango butter and coconut oil.


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Stardust is formulated with high-payoff, good-for-you ingredients that give you major color while also nourishing your skin throughout the day. This includes coconut and avocado oil for smooth, blendable application; mango butter for hydrating, all-day wear; and meteorite powder for the coolest multidimensional effect. Stardust is also vegan and silicone-free, so it’s friendly to animals and to your skin.

Now that you’ve been introduced online, we hope that you get to meet Stardust IRL. We’re thrilled to add another member to the Holo fam, and we think you’ll be a fan.

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