DNA Project #2: Shades of Femininity DNA Project #2: Shades of Femininity

DNA Project #2: Shades of Femininity

by Freya Drohan

Makeup doesn’t make you up — your individuality does. That’s why we created “Shades of Femininity,” the second of our Milk Makeup DNA series focusing on defining the link between self confidence and how we use makeup as a tool to distinguish ourselves and each other. If you’re the queen of contouring, or more of a minimalist maven, your beauty MO is cool with us as long as it’s cool with you.

Whether it’s bold brows, a bare base, or holographic highlighter, no one does you better than you. Our imperfections and unique quirks are what make us up. Makeup is your personal path, so if you want to keep your flaws under wraps, or celebrate them for the world to see, it’s your prerogative. You don’t need to take our word for it, though. We got into some real talk – beauty and beyond – with 6 fearless leaders whose confidence is nothing short of inspiring. Here’s what we learnt from them.

Sophia Roe

“The ultimate power is in letting go of insecurities,” says Sophia Roe, a holistic chef who endorses a whole-body approach to beauty and wellness.

With her unique Brazilian, French, and Japanese heritage and experience working in male-dominated kitchens, Sophia has been on the receiving end of judgement for her looks.

Instead of succumbing to pressure, she wants to remind us to be empowered by our personal journeys.
Odie Burnatowski

Filmmaker Odie identifies as queer, and is most comfortable when they strike a balance that feels right. "I feel free to express my feminine side but at the same time I don’t necessarily feel like a woman. Sometimes I want to feel cute, sometimes I want to feel handsome.”
Natalia Castellar Calvani

Happy to embrace both her “androgynous chic” aesthetic harmoniously with her “girly girl” sensibility, teenage model Natalia knows she has gotten to where she is today by being true to herself.

Her USP? Those lush brows, although they’re definitely not just a beauty fad.

“For me big brows are more than just a trend, it’s about accepting and embracing my cultural background and where I come from.”

Chloe Pultar

In Chloe's book, “more is more” and her aesthetic leans towards a fun, colorful look.

“Crazy makeup is like badass to me, it’s strong and powerful and it says a lot about the person wearing it.”

Diana Veras

Model Diana Veras is all about makeup as an individual form of expression.

Your face is akin to a blank canvas, it’s up to you to create the work of art.

“People just want to try stuff and want to look different. If that’s what makes somebody feel good, you kind of just have to deal with it. It’s none of your business.”


With a love for all things holo, multi-media artist Milk changes her makeup and style to suit her mood.

“Changing up my style is kind of like an escape for me, a way to channel my alter ego. Sparkles and holographic just put you in a better mood, and when you look at yourself you’re just like ooh!”