$39 ($79 Value)
Here For The Party Set Mini versions of KUSH Liquid Eyeliner, Hydro Grip Primer, KUSH Mascara, KUSH Clear Brow Gel, Watermelon Brightening Serum, and a Vegan Milk Moisturizer Deluxe Sample have your whole night covered. Clean formulas.
$32 ($50 Value)
Milk Makeup After Party Set Mini Vegan Milk Cleanser and Moisturizer take off the night and bring your skin back to life, while full size KUSH Lip Balm turns dry lips soft and smooth.
$25 ($48 Value)
Party Pack Keep these three full size hydrating KUSH Lip Balms for yourself or share the gift of super soft lips.
$59 ($76 Value)
Chill Skin Set Full Size CBD + Arnica Solid Body Oil and Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask for solid skin relaxation and hydration plus a Purple Vibes Bag.
$45 ($58 Value)
Overnight Skin Set Full Size Melatonin Overnight Serum and Lip Mask do your skin a solid while you sleep plus a Purple Vibes Bag.
$45 ($56 Value)
Blush + Bronze Set Full Size Lip + Cheek and Matte Bronzer for swipe + go color plus a Purple Vibes Bag.
$50 ($84 Value)
Skin Re-Set Winter skincare essentials.