You Wanted a Moon Tat Stamp? It’s Here! You Wanted a Moon Tat Stamp? It’s Here!

You Wanted a Moon Tat Stamp? It’s Here!

by Emmy Liu

Yeah, we see you out there living your best life in our super fun tattoo stamps! And because we want you to keep thriving, we’re answering your call and rolling out two new tattoo stamp shapes, Crescent Moon and “X”, to join our growing collection. We’re especially excited to drop the Crescent Moon shape;  we know you’ve been itching for a lunar moment. We’re also throwing in”X”, because the more stamps, the better, right? Now, with Crescent Moon and X, you can sprinkle lil’ moons or tiny Xs wherever your heart desires, like around your eyes, on your cheeks, or on your fingers.

Tattoo Stamps play up your look with smudge-free, transfer-proof, temporary ink. Easy-to-use and easy-to-remove with an oil-based makeup remover, the stamps leave behind an opaque, quick-drying shape that amps up any makeup moment while simultaneously hydrating your skin with ingredients like vitamin E and sunflower oil. Yeah, it’s even good for you. Whether you’re sweating it out on the dance floor or have a long day of errands ahead of you, our new shapes will help you keep it fresh and keep it fun. Because their staying power is out-of-this-world, while still being temporary, they’re a great way to try out new looks or step outside of your comfort zone for a bit, especially for those who are afraid of commitment (@ my ex).

So go ahead and complete your galactic space princess dreams with Crescent Moons or temporarily ink your body with “X” (like a stick and poke minus the forever part). And because they’re so versatile, feel free to get creative with our stamps. Sign off on a handwritten letter to your pen-pal with the X stamp, or decorate your ceiling with baby moons for daydreaming.

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