Dew It Up with New Face Gloss Shades: Gold Foil and Holographic Dew It Up with New Face Gloss Shades: Gold Foil and Holographic

Dew It Up with New Face Gloss Shades: Gold Foil and Holographic

by Emmy Liu

Ever had trouble deciding your ~look~ right before you’re supposed to go out with your crew? Staring at your makeup bag, you suddenly feel conflicted between a fresh-faced, dewy vibe and a rad, dazzling disco queen moment? Then, you’re frantically texting your friends, “What’s the mood tonight???” and you risk missing the whole event because you’re indecisive?

Don’t worry, we got you!

Because we love you, we’re introducing two new Face Gloss shades: Gold Foil and our signature, Holographic. It’s the same light, non-sticky, breathable Face Gloss formula as the clear staple in our collection, but with an added dimension to make any look — day or night — feel fresh in seconds.

Just like our OG Face Gloss, the Gold Foil Face Gloss is a versatile, clear gloss, BUT dotted with flecks of shimmering gold flakes that sparkle and glitter in any light, while the Holographic Face Gloss is our beloved glowing, pearlescent effect morphed into a dewy, glossy shine. They both serve as a light glaze that enhances your skin with subtle shimmer and won’t overpower the rest of your look — kind of like adding a candy coating for your face.

As always, we created these two new shades with you in mind. Easy-to-layer, the two new Face Glosses can be swiped over bare lids, lips, and cheekbones, or a full face of makeup. That means whether or not you’re a makeup artist, or more of a swipe-and-go person, you can create a dynamic, high-shine look at any level. You no longer have to deal with the mess of applying sticky lip gloss over pigmented products which usually creates a runny mess. Instead, our Face Gloss is the one-step solution for all your glossy needs.

Try one! Try both! Try all three! They’re the perfect products for all the glowing, iridescent angels out there. Dew you.

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