Meet the Newest Member of the Blur Fam: Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder Meet the Newest Member of the Blur Fam: Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder

Meet the Newest Member of the Blur Fam: Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder

by Faith Choi

It’s a rule of thumb that all good things come in threes. Three’s a crowd. Three’s a party — just think of Destiny’s Child, or the Jonas Brothers, or Venn diagrams. And now? We get to include the Blur Family.

Meet Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder, the newest member of the Blur family to round out the crew and complete the holy Blur trinity. Its lightweight, talc-free, silicone-free formula will set makeup, blur pores, and keep skin matte, even in the stubborn summer heat.

But that’s not even half of it. Blur + Set Powder is literally going to set your makeup up for success through the day, through the night, and in every photo (flash or no flash!). But before you go and dust your face to perfection, read on to find out about all the goodness that’s packed into our new powder.

Models wear Translucent Medium

Blur, baby, blur
The same blurring microsphere technology found in Blur Stick Matte Primer and Blur Liquid Matte Foundation is also found in Blur + Set Powder, and you know what that means — powder-filled blurring microspheres blur pores, fine lines, and other imperfections to create a shine-free, soft-focus effect while absorbing oil throughout the day.

Set it up
Let this powder do what it was born to do and set your face without worrying that your makeup is going to appear heavy or cakey. Blur + Set Powder is actually 31% lighter than most setting powders, which naturally means that your makeup is gonna look fresh as heck.

Smooooth it out
Your makeup (and your skin) will sing praises over the avocado powder and hyaluronic acid found in the formula. These two ingredients work together to smooth out your skin and prevent the powder from settling into fine lines and pores.

Prevent chalky casts and flashbacks
Bring on all the flash photography! Blur + Set Powder is talc-free and silicone-free to prevent it from leaving a chalky cast or causing flashback. The flashbacks we’re talking about are not the scary ones from middle school –– they’re the white patches that appear on your face in pictures as a result of flash being bounced back from ingredients in certain powders. And it’s okay, it’s happened to the best of us! But we know how hard you’ve worked to make your makeup look that good. So, with Blur + Set Powder, you’re going to be able to memorialize your best looks through the photos you take without looking like a ghost.

Models wear Translucent Light

Pair it with the rest of the Blur family!
Prime. Cover. Set. Bring out the best qualities of Blur + Set Powder by keeping it in the family. Prime your face with Blur Stick, give it weightless full coverage with Blur Liquid Matte Foundation, and finally, set it all with Blur + Set Powder.

How to use
Each Blur + Set Powder comes with its own sponge (infused with antibacterial charcoal to keep bacteria at bay), but feel free to freestyle with your own powder brush or makeup sponge to get the job done. No matter what tool you use, Blur + Set Powder is going to do the most to help keep your skin nice and set through the longest of summer days.

Models wear Translucent Deep

Wanna bake?
Go the extra mile, because Blur + Set Powder is perfect for baking, too! All you need to do is slightly dampen the sponge and pack on the translucent powder wherever you need extra brightness, oil absorption, or highlight. Keep it on for 5-10 minutes, dust off the excess, and you’re all set to face the summer heat.

What’s your shade range?
Blur + Set Powder is a translucent powder and it comes in three different shades that adjust to a wide range of skin tones. Translucent Light matches fair to light-medium skin tones; Translucent Medium is for those with medium to tan skin tones, and Translucent Deep fits those with deeper skin tones. Find the range that your skin tone falls under, and you’re all good to powder your way into the sunset!

When and where can I get it?
Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder will be available on 8/7 at and, and 8/15 in Sephora stores.

Loaded With Meteorite Powder

Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder Lightweight, blurring setting powder.

Blur. Set. Go!

Available August 7th.