Live Your Look: Morgan White Live Your Look: Morgan White

Live Your Look: Morgan White

by Freya Drohan

Ever find yourself daydreaming in technicolor hues? Step inside Fall campaign star Morgan White’s world because her Instagram feed is an escape from the basic world we live in. Her visual mood board fuses Cher with the Chateau Marmont and Barbie-pink with Barbarella. One thing is for sure, this LA-based babe with baby bangs doesn’t believe in beauty rules.

Hometown: LA
Occupation: Model
Insta: @bizarregrl
Signature look: “I wouldn’t say I have one in particular, but it for sure is always a representation of how I feel. It changes every day, but it’s been pretty natural recently.”
What do you hope your look communicates to the world? “I hope it can inspire other peopel to do their own thing and go with what makes you feel good, not what makes you feel like you have other people’s approval.”
Favorite beauty rule to break: “There are no beauty rules! You can do whatever the fuck you want!”
Personal mantra: “People are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime — it’s always true.”
Favorite thing about yourself: “Everything, flaws and all!”

Me fangirling over myself in sephora

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Morgan's Picks

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Matte Bronzer Cream bronzer stick
Flex Concealer Never creases or cakes
Gel Brow Water-proof eyebrow pencil