Milk Makeup Horoscopes: Aquarius Milk Makeup Horoscopes: Aquarius

Milk Makeup Horoscopes: Aquarius

by Maria Del Russo

Dust off that party dress, Aquarius. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, prosperity, expansion, and success dances its way into Sagittarius on November 8. It’s the first time Jupiter has been in its ruling sign of Sagittarius for a full 11 years — so things are about to get a lot more interesting. And for you, that means your day planner is about to fill up in a major way.

2019 is all about social connections for you. “You’ll want to be working less and connecting more,” says Colin Bedell, an astrologer and founder of QueerCosmos. That means that your theme for the year is friendship. That could mean reconnecting with old friends, strengthening the bonds you have with current friends, or going out and making new friends. “This is the year to reach out to people that you’ve lost touch with,” Bedell says.

It may seem like a lot of emotional work to maintain these friendships, dear Aquarius. But remember: Not everyone is deserving of your friendship. “Show up for the people who have shown up for you, and show up for people in the way you’d want them to show up for you,” Bedell says. But remember: You’re your number one connection. If someone isn’t providing the support you need from them, and you’ve dumped a lot of your emotional energy into the friendship, it’s time to say ta-ta. There are new friends to be made, anyway.

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