See How Milk Makeup Celebrates Valentine’s Day See How Milk Makeup Celebrates Valentine’s Day

See How Milk Makeup Celebrates Valentine’s Day

by Emily Gaynor + Abby McIntosh

Images: Jess Farran

Makeup: Michaela Bosch

At Milk Makeup, we like to celebrate the people (and fur babies) in our lives who make us feel amazing on the daily. Because we’re all about pairing up with those who complement our personalities and bring out our best selves, we dedicated this Valentine’s Day to whoever our partners may be. Sometimes, a coworker can turn a bad day much better; other times, all you really need is to spoon with your cat (me) for a dose of instant happiness. Regardless of who it is that gives you good vibes, V-Day should be a time of letting them know they make you ~glow~. To kick off our #whomakesyouglow holiday, we rounded up some of the coolest couples we know. From lovers, to sisters, to desk mates, to friends, to dogs (!), to a very adorable family-to-be…get to know the staff behind the brand and how we express our love. Then, go ahead, get one of those discounted assortments of chocolates in a heart, eat 12 pieces, and shoutout the crew that makes you glow.

Zoonzin: Digital Designer + Karu: Professional Pup = Forever Friends


Zoonzin wears Eye Pigment in Rave and Karu wears her own Hawaiian shirt. 


Chelsea: Influencer Manager + Hennessy: Events Live Supervisor = #lovers 

Chelsea wears Eye Pigment in Mermaid Parade and Hennessy wears Blur Stick.


Gina: Email Marketing Manager + Camille: Merchandising Manager = Werk Wives

Gina wears Tattoo Stamp and Camille wears Lip Color in Freshhh.


Danielle: Milk Studios Booking Director + Jacq: Entrepreneurial Megababe = IRL wives

Danielle wears Luminous Blur Stick and Danielle wears Lip Color in Name Drop.


Jess: Product Development Director + Olivia: Merchandise Manager, Macy’s = Twins

Jess wears Blur Liquid Matte Foundation in Golden Light and Olivia wears Luminous Blur Stick.     


Lucia: Social Intern + Nicole: Illustrator/Designer = Mother + Daughter

Lucia wears Highlighter in Lit and Nicole wears Eye Pigment in Sesh.


Valentina: Relationships and Gifting Coordinator + Jon: Art Director/Photographer = Expecting Parents

Valentina wears Lip Color in O.G. Red and Jon wears Blur Stick.