The Glitter Stick Crew Just Grew: Meet New Wave & Trance The Glitter Stick Crew Just Grew: Meet New Wave & Trance

The Glitter Stick Crew Just Grew: Meet New Wave & Trance

by Kaitlyn McNab

When our Glitter Stick in Techno made its triumphant return to shelves, we thought we’d reached the glitter Holy Grail. I mean, come on — a rainbow glitter highlighter that complements all skin tones, is no longer limited edition, is TSA and travel-friendly, with multi-use application and skin-nourishing qualities? It can’t get any better than that, right?

Yeah, it actually can.

We are psyched to announce that multidimensional, glitter-packed highlighter happiness now comes in two new shades: New Wave and Trance.

Now you can achieve all your disco queen dreams with New Wave’s lavender pearl base + rainbow glitter, or make the sun jealous with Trance’s peachy pearl base + gold glitters.

Apart from their dreamy tints, New Wave and Trance have the same formula as our OG Glitter Stick in Techno, infused with mango butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil for ultimate hydration and smooth application — because you should never have to compromise your skincare for a glow. New Wave and Trance won’t clog your pores but will give you an all-day, high-payoff sparkle in a mess-free and easy-to-use stick.

Although Glitter Stick is primarily a face highlighter, it can also be used on the body, lids, and lips for maximum shine potential. You can apply straight from the stick and use your fingers to blend for sheer coverage or use a brush (or sponge) to pick up product from the stick to really pack on the shimmer.

With frosted Techno, lavender New Wave, and peach Trance, you have three different shades to wear alone, or you can layer/mix then with our other holographic highlighters. Glitter Stick is the grown-up version of the particles you used to wear as a kid, and now you’ve got options so you can choose your own adventure. Who knows where it will take you?

Shop the newest additions to the Glitter Stick family below! We can’t wait to see how you shine.