How to: Use Matcha Cleanser and Toner

by Sue Williamson

We get a lot of questions about how to use Matcha Cleanser and Toner, so we made a lil video with our friend Kate to show you how it’s done. First, remove all eye and lip makeup with your favorite remover. Then, massage Matcha Cleanser into wet skin and watch how it lightly exfoliates and cleanses using with detoxifying matcha green tea. Pat your face dry and follow with Matcha Toner (the world’s first solid toner!!!!) made with matcha, kombucha, and witch hazel. Both sticks contain an ingredient that protects them from being contaminated during use, but if you’re a true clean freak, feel free to give them a quick rinse in the sink after use. Finish it all off with a little Sunshine Oil and get on with it.

Get Fresh

Matcha Cleanser Daily facial cleanser
Matcha Toner Solid toner stick
Cooling Water Instant de-puffer
Sunshine Oil The "everything" oil
Face Gloss For eyes, lips, and cheeks