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Remove Bold colors, shimmering effects, serious payoff.
Blur Stick Silicone-free matte primer
Lip + Cheek Multi-use sheer blush and lip tint.
Matte Bronzer Cream bronzer stick
Lip Vinyl A lipstick-gloss hybrid
$24 $12
Luminous Blur Stick Luminous matte primer
Glitter Glaze Quad 4-shade glitter palette
$49 $24
Gel Brow Water-proof eyebrow pencil
Jumbo Face Gloss A whole lotta gloss
$36 $22
Blur Spray Matte setting spray
$28 $20
Holographic Lip Gloss Prismatic non-stick lips
$24 $12
Mini Lip + Cheek Mini, multi-use sheer blush and lip tint
Mini Luminous Blur Stick Mini luminous matte primer
Face Gloss For eyes, lips, and cheeks
$20 $10