How to: Bizness Casual Makeup for Work

by Kiran Gill

Introducing Bizness Casual, an easy, flawless look that could be for work — or not! To get it, smooth Blur Stick across moisturized skin to prime and mattify. Then, Dab + Blend Blur Liquid Matte Foundation onto skin for a soft focus effect that is not only work-appropriate, but also (always) selfie ready. To up-level your look for an editorialized, glossy vibe add Eye Vinyl to lids and accentuate brows with a few strokes of Gel Brow and a swipe of Lip Color in Wifey acrous your pout. Polish it off with a spritz of the ultimate secret weapon, Blur Spray, as you tackle your 9-to-5 and more.

Get Down to Bizness

Blur Liquid Matte Foundation Full coverage foundation
Eye Vinyl Glossy eye shadow
Ubame Mascara Natural and buildable. Nice.
Lip Color Demi-matte lipstick