Blur, But Make It Shimmer…Luminous Blur Stick Is Here! Blur, But Make It Shimmer…Luminous Blur Stick Is Here!

Blur, But Make It Shimmer…Luminous Blur Stick Is Here!

by Emily Gaynor

Are you one of those people who, when you find something you love — say a pair of high-waisted pants that fit on the first try — buys it in literally every color/finish/pattern? Same. When something works, it works, and sticking with it in any iteration just makes sense. Take Blur Stick, for example. The universal face filter that blurs pores and fine lines while serving as the perfect matte primer to ace your base is a staple product. Since its launch, it has become an essential part of many a makeup routine. Its solid, swipe-on, clear formula works on ~every~ skin tone, and its good-for-you ingredients mean no clogged pores. Blur Stick’s got your back for all your matte makeup needs…BUT if you’ve ever craved the same matte canvas with a dazzling twist, there’s a new Blur in town…AND it’s lit-from-within. Introducing Luminous Blur Stick.

We at Milk Makeup know the power of shimmer, so the newest Blur Stick has everything you love about the OG, plus it’s packed with golden pearls for an instant luminous effect. Now, you can blur both ways.

We’re psyched that there’s a new Blur Stick in the fam, and we think you will be, too. Below, see why Luminous Blur Stick is about to light up your winter (we need all the help we can get now that it gets dark at 4 PM).

What is Luminous Blur Stick?
Luminous Blur Stick is a golden pearl-infused, solid primer that absorbs oil, minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines, and leaves skin with a luminous matte effect.

Where do I use it?
Luminous Blur Stick is a multi-use, shimmering matte primer that imparts a sheen anywhere you apply it. You can swipe it all over your face for a illuminated base without any other products, layer foundation on top for a lit-from-within effect, or spotlight certain areas you want to glow (i.e. as a highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bones, the bridge of your nose and cupid’s bow).

How do I apply it?
Like all of our solid makeup fam, you’ve got options. You can simply swipe the stick straight onto your face (or collarbone, or beyond!) and blend with your fingers, brushes, or a sponge. Or, if you choose to work solely with brushes or sponges (or prefer more targeted coverage), allow your tools to pick up the product, then apply it wherever you please.

For dry skin: Moisturize first, then swipe and blend for primed skin.
For oily skin: Swipe onto bare skin to absorb oil and mattify.
For combination skin: Swipe onto areas that need a little extra smoothing or
oil-absorbing for a luminous, matte finish.

Use alone as an invisible foundation or as a primer before applying Blur Liquid Matte Foundation.

What kind of coverage does it give?
Luminous Blur is clear with a hint of golden pearl. It lets your skin show through while blurring pores and fine lines, and imparting a subtle-but-shimmering matte effect. To pack a bit more sparkly punch, keep swiping.

Wait, but how is it matte if it shimmers?
You don’t have to compromise your wish to combat oil and unwanted shine, even if you want to glow. Luminous Blur Stick allows you to do both. Packed with the same blurring microspheres as original Blur Stick, Luminous also now shares its formula with golden pearls, leaving skin matte-yet-shimmery.

What’s in it?
Good-for-you ingredients that you’ll feel equally good using, meaning the blurring microsphere and golden pearl-packed formula is oil-free, silicone-free and non-comedogenic.

Is it going to make a mess in my bag?
Nope! Its solid stick format allows you to throw it in your bag without worrying that your primer may have exploded before the night has begun. Take it with you and touch up as needed.

Is it travel-friendly?
The TSA-friendly packaging will get you through security in a breeze. No sweat. And if your face does happen to sweat, just swipe on the primer once you’re at your gate.

Is it ok for acne-prone skin?
Yes! While we always recommend patch-testing to make sure that a product works for you, Luminous Blur Stick is oil-free, silicone-free and non-comedogenic, so your skin can breathe easy.

When and where can I get it?
Order Luminous Blur Stick, here!

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Blur, but make it shimmer.