#LiveYourLook: @darrelsuarez #LiveYourLook: @darrelsuarez

#LiveYourLook: @darrelsuarez

by Kiran Gill

Here at Milk, we like to take self-expression to the next level. After all, it is our physical choices that reflect all the starry goodness that we are underneath our skin. And at the end of the day, it’s not just about how you create your look, it’s about what you do in it that really matters. That’s what the #LiveYourLook movement is all about. It’s about embracing your look and your life.

With our #LiveYourLook profiles, we’ll be spotlighting members of the Milk Fam who do just that. First up, Darrel Suarez.

As a philosophy major, Darrel Suarez, understands that beauty is more than just products. It’s really all about how you feel. It’s about appreciating the way the sun hits the high points of your face and picks up on the layers of prismatic highlighter that you’ve painstakingly built. It’s about admiring the curved line of your wing eyeliner. It’s about looking at yourself in the mirror and admiring what you see. Even if that means occasionally being late to class.

Name: Darrel Suarez
Instagram: @darrelsuarez
Age: 19! 20 in February
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York 🗽
Astro Sign: Aquarius! February 8th ♒️ 😘
Occupation: I’m in my sophomore year of college majoring in ✨📖 philosophy📖✨
Dream Job: Anything where I can do what I love while helping others at the same time

How would you describe your signature look?
I guess I’d have to say “minimal every day, but extra”. It’s clear skin, simple, clean eyes, a lot of highlighter, two tubes of mascara and copious amounts of lip gloss. But like, natural.

What does #LiveYourLook mean to you? How do you #LiveYourLook?
To me, #LiveYourLook is all about making your outward appearance resemble who you truly feel you are inside. I live my look by waking up a bit early everyday to make sure I have time to do my makeup. Or taking extra time doing my makeup and getting to class late.


What does “beauty” mean to you?
You know that feeling when you finish a look that’s taken a lifetime to finish? So you pick up your mirror to see the final product, the light catching the shimmer of your eyeshadow just right. And you can’t help but move the mirror back and forth, leading the light in a dance along your cheekbones. Then, you tilt your head juuuust slightly enough to catch the clean edge of your winged eyeliner. And, while reveling in your final look you decide to add a tad more lip gloss.

That, or anything that gives you the same feeling is beauty.

ketchup 🏃🏽💨 mustards‼️💸💸🔌💯✅👏🏽👏🏽😜😝 . 📸 @raganhenderson

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What’s your getting ready process like? Is it more about the routine for you or the final result? Walk us through your process?
So usually, I wake up late for class. but when I have the time (and I most often times try) it only takes about 25-30 minutes and I’m only 3 minutes late to class — usually.

Lip balm comes first — always. Priming moisturizer next, then eyebrows. I haven’t done mine in a year (don’t drag me) but I’m usually able to tame them with a brow gel. After that I use my blur stick around my nose and on my cheeks. Next, I usually lay my Milk Makeup Highlighter Stick on my cheeks, nose bridge, chin, cupid’s bow, and blend with my fingers or a sponge. Over that goes another pink powder highlighter, then an opal highlighter over that. I know, it’s a lot. Around now I’ll set everything with a spray to blend it all together. Then, onto the eyeliner.

Oh god, the eyeliner. I use a creme eyeliner and a mixing medium to thin it out and make it last longer. Plus, an angled brush to apply it. Next, I use a lengthening mascara to separate my lashes followed by the Ubame Mascara for extra volume. It’s honestly a godsend. And to top things off an unnecesary amount of lip gloss. ✨

What are your favorite Milk Makeup products?
Uh, I have a lot. Here they are: Cooling Water Stick, Tattoo Stamp, Liquid Strobe, Holographic Stick, Blur Stick, Eye Pigments, Ubame Mascara (again), and the Lip Metals.

What’s the weirdest thing in your bag?
Right now? Probably the half-eaten cranberry-orange muffin I have left over from my when I got out of my physics lab.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
I watched way too many makeup videos throughout high school, but I always got the feeling they were telling me to just keep practicing, keep blending my eyeshadow, and just never stop growing.


Darrel's Faves

Ubame Mascara Buildable daily mascara.
Tattoo Stamp Multi-use tattoo stamp.
Holographic Stick Creamy prismatic highlighter.
$28 $18
Blur Stick Matte blurring primer.