Live Your Look: Janelle Fishman, Creator + Mom Live Your Look: Janelle Fishman, Creator + Mom

Live Your Look: Janelle Fishman, Creator + Mom

by Freya Drohan

Muse, mother, mascara aficionado, Janelle Fishman is a creator who is not afraid to be herself. With her sleek style, natural glow, and collection of fierce cat eye sunglasses, any life wisdom she wants to impart is music to our ears.

Hometown: Sewaren, New Jersey
Occupation: Creator, muse, actress, designer, artist, consultant, mom!
Insta: @esjaynyc
Signature look: Natural simple with a little twist.
What goes through your head as you’re getting ready for the day? Everything else I have to do that day.
What do you hope your look communicates to the world? That I’m not afraid to be myself.
Favorite beauty rule to break? Oh snap!? There’s rules?
Personal mantra: Follow your heart, if something doesn’t work out, tomorrow is always a new day with new opportunities.
Best piece of beauty advice: Apply a layer mascara to just the roots of your lashes first. Then go back with a second layer and pull through to tips.
What is your favorite thing about yourself? Knowing that I raised a healthy young man (my son!)

Janelle's Picks

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