Trip With Us: Hydro Grip Primer Takes the Desert Trip With Us: Hydro Grip Primer Takes the Desert

Trip With Us: Hydro Grip Primer Takes the Desert

by Abby McIntosh

When we say take your skin on a trip, we’re not messing around. We want to make sure that Hydro Grip Primer can handle whatever adventures you’re gonna be getting into, whether it’s a running-to-the-train-while-eating-three-bagels kind of adventure or a taking- a-vacation-you-can’t-really-afford kind of adventure. That’s why we took a few members of the Milk Makeup Fam to Joshua Tree to make sure Hydro Grip is up for any challenge, from blissed-out yoga sessions to all-nighter tequila tastings. Check out the good times!

Welcome to Hydro Grip Primer World! We traveled to Joshua Tree to celebrate the dual ingredient heroes in Hydro Grip Primer — hemp-derived cannabis seed extract and blue agave extract. The desert provided the perfect scene for putting Hydro Grip Primer to the test. Serious wind, unpredictable desert temps, and wide open skies allowed the Milk Makeup Fam to see firsthand how Hydro Grip Primer hydrates and grips makeup all day long.

We took the whole crew on a day trip to Joshua Tree to learn more about Hydro Grip Primer’s desert-derived hero ingredients and, of course, to bank a few good pics thanks to the perfect natural light. We had to deck out our bus to let everyone know that the Milk Makeup Fam had officially hit the road.

Because food is life, we threw a super fun, family-style dinner so everyone could get to know each other over some amazing food! We bundled up and had a serious feast complete with Hydro Grip-themed centerpieces, twinkle lights, and MMU puffer jackets. Ya know, just the essentials.

These rad tents, provided by our friends at Under Canvas, provided shelter from the wind and created the perfect scenic backdrop for our Hydro Grip festivities.

The crew rotated between four themed tents to learn more about Hydro Grip Primer’s super fresh ingredients as well as its hydration and makeup-gripping superpowers. We don’t mess around when it comes to snacks, so we also had an Incredible Edibles tent filled with our favorite munchies.

After being put through rigorous tests (Yoga! Tequila! Eating snacks!) we can say with confidence that Hydro Grip Primer is gonna be your go-to when you need your look to stay put and your skin to stay glowin’. Drink it in and take your skin on a trip.

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