How To Hydro Grip By Skin Type How To Hydro Grip By Skin Type

How To Hydro Grip By Skin Type

by Abby McIntosh

Hydro Grip Primer is here and ready to take your skin on a trip, but the final destination — glassy, hydrated skin + all-day makeup hold — is even better with a lil’ pre-trip prep. Wanna know how to get the most out of Hydro Grip Primer for your specific skin type? We’ve got some tips and tricks to share thanks to our Studio Artist, Sara Wren.

If you’ve got dry skin…

The trick with dry skin is making sure that you’ve properly exfoliated and maximized your hydration prior to applying makeup. “For the smoothest application on dry skin,” Sara explains, “always start by cleansing and exfoliating.” Exfoliating will help to slough off all of the annoying flakey bits that prevent makeup from going on smoothly. To make sure your skin is adequately moisturized, “you can layer Watermelon Brightening Serum and then a hydrating face cream or oil  on top.” “Give that a few minutes to soak in,” she advises, “then apply Hydro Grip Primer on top.” Building layers of hydration is the name of the game here.

India wears Hydro Grip Primer and Blur Liquid Matte Foundation. 

If you’ve got oily skin…

The key with oily skin? “Don’t be afraid of moisture,” says Sara. “Exfoliating and moisturizing are just as important with oily skin.” As always, begin by cleansing and exfoliating, but feel free to opt for a toner to help with oil control. “I love using Matcha Cleanser to cleanse, and I concentrate it on areas that need some extra exfoliation.” If you choose to go for a toner, try using one that helps curb excess oil production. “I love a good toner for oil control, like Matcha Toner,” Sara shares. “It really helps to balance and detoxify, essentially resetting my skin.” After you’ve given your toner a minute to chill, you can go in with your favorite moisturizer. “To avoid overproduction of oil, I always recommend a mattifying or gel moisturizer before applying Hydro Grip Primer.” Once your moisturizer has absorbed, you can apply Hydro Grip Primer on top and get on with your makeup routine.

If you want a glassy finish…

To get maximum dewiness, Sara suggests starting with a face oil and then building coverage in light layers. “I love to use a face oil under Hydro Grip Primer. They work really well together to provide a super glassy finish that still feels lightweight.” To let your glassy skin have its moment, Sara recommends keeping makeup light on top of Hydro Grip Primer. “Start with concealer to spot treat and blend it out well.” If you’re looking for more coverage, look for a “sheer, glowy foundation like Sunshine Skin Tint.”

Olivia wears Hydro Grip Primer alone. 

If you want some more Hydro Grip hacks…

Don’t forget about your best tool — your hands. “Start with less product and apply with your hands,” says Sara. “I think we live in such a brush/tool-heavy makeup culture these days that we forget to use the best tools, our fingers.” To get a super-natural finish, Sara starts with “one pump depending on each person’s needs and then I thin out the formula between my fingertips before lightly patting and blending into the skin.”

If you wanna know where to start…

“My current routine is all based around Hydro Grip,” says Sara. “I would say stick to your regular skincare regimen, but let it sink in for a few minutes before applying Hydro Grip Primer.” While that’s sinking in, you can move onto your eyes. “I do my lashes or brows then come back to the skin.” When you’re ready to do your base, Sara recommends using “a wet sponge to apply Sunshine Skin Tint all over the skin.” “You can use the same sponge to blend out Flex Concealer for extra coverage under your eyes or on any blemishes.” To make things super glassy, Sara uses Face Gloss for additional dew. “I use it on the high points of my face for a really wet, dewy natural out-of-the-shower skin.” If you’re using powder, try and keep it on the lighter side so your super-hydrated skin is the star.

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