How to Wear Holographic Powder Quad How to Wear Holographic Powder Quad

How to Wear Holographic Powder Quad

by Abby McIntosh

Photographed by Jordan Walczak.

The Holographic Powder Quad has a lot going for itself: four shades, intense payoff, and endless ways to apply— but what, exactly, is the best way use it?

“Start with skin prep,” says Alana Wright, the makeup artist responsible for the looks you see here. “To create that ethereal look, you wanna perfect the skin first. You don’t have to overly cover up your skin; it’s just about making it look flawless for you.” According to Wright, prepping your skin allows it to pick up meteorite-powder-packed pigment with ease. Try cleansing with Matcha Cleanser, then following up with your moisturizer of choice.

Once your skin is primed, you’re ready to break out your Holographic Powder Quad, but now you’re faced with another critical choice: fingers or brush? Both, says Wright. “Tap the highlighter on with your fingers first,” she advises, then follow with “a softer, fluffier brush to diffuse what you’ve just applied, like a powder brush.” From there, you can build and blend to your heart’s content. “Start out with that first and see how much pigment you wanna lay down, depending on whether or you want an everyday look or something more fun, like a club look,” she says.

If your fingers and brushes are locked and loaded with the prismatic powder, but you’re still unsure of your target, Wright has some pointers. “In my opinion, the best method is to have it blend from the eyes into the high points of the cheeks so that it has a story on your face as opposed to it being concentrated in one exact spot.” If you want your glow to extend beyond your cheeks, go for it: Wright suggests spreading the love to your nose, brow bone, and cupid’s bow. “Traditionally, the tops of the cheekbones would be where you would apply it,” she continues, “but even if you have little baby cheekbones, you can still apply it there and it’ll make a difference!”

With the Holographic Powder Quad, as with all things makeup, the rules are yours to write. “Pat McGrath, a long time ago, said that there is no wrong way to wear a blush,” shares Wright. “I just like seeing a finish throughout the face as opposed to in just one area, but as long as it’s blended and doesn’t look ashy, I’m ok with it. I really am!”








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