See How Our Fam Celebrates Pride See How Our Fam Celebrates Pride

See How Our Fam Celebrates Pride

by Abby McIntosh

There are 12 months in a year, and nobody asked us to rank them, but if we did, June would be up there. June not only signifies the true end of winter (and the true beginning of starting to sweat at 9 AM) but also the beginning of Pride Month, an event loved and celebrated by so much of our Milk Makeup Family. Because Pride is a commemoration of all things near and dear to us (individuality, equality, and parties, to name a few,) we like to go all-out. Last year, we teamed up with our friends at The Center, an LGBTQ resource center in downtown New York, to drop a limited edition, rainbow-hued Glitter Stick in Techno (it’s now a permanent part of the Milk Makeup lineup.) This year, we’re super excited to share our “Glitter = _____.” campaign with you.

The “Glitter = _____.” campaign is all about self-expression and self-identification; it’s an embrace of every person’s right to be exactly who they are, each of us a unique individual piece of a broad, beautiful spectrum. Just like last year, we teamed up again with our friends at The Center and a few of our Milk Makeup Fam in the beauty community to ask them what glitter represents to them. We also launched a brand-new, limited edition Pride Pack. The Pride Pack is comprised of a Glitter Lip Gloss in Techno and an Equality Tattoo Stamp, two sparkling additions to our Glitter Collection. As with last year’s Glitter Stick launch, 50% of the retail purchase price of the Pride Pack and the Glitter Stick during the month of June will go straight to The Center, so stock up on your Pride gear and check back throughout the week to see the “Glitter = _____.” campaign unfold. Happy Pride Month from us to you!