How to: Glow Up

By Sue Williamson

What’s better than a rose gold highlight? A rose gold highlight and a matching lid, natch. Boogie down and glow up for summertime by swiping Holographic Stick onto cheeks ~*and*~ eyes, then make ‘em pop with a little Eye Vinyl on top. Gaby Richardson shows you how it’s done.

To start, prime skin with Blur Stick, and even out skin tone using Sunshine Skin Tint and Flex Concealer (Gaby uses our Deep shades). Then (the fun part), swipe and tap Holographic Stick along your cheekbones and lids and build as desired. Add a little shine with Eye Vinyl in Light Rail on top, create spikey lashes with the tip of the Ubame Mascara triple-ball brush, and create a chill ombre lip with Oil Lip Stain in Tude and Holographic Lip Gloss in Mars. Polish it all off with a Tattoo Stamp on each cheek and you’re ready to shine, baby, shine.

Get Your Glow

Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30 Preservative-free foundation
Holographic Stick Best-selling holographic highlighter
Eye Vinyl Glossy eye shadow
Holographic Lip Gloss Prismatic non-stick lips