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Remove From sets to sticks to Kush galore, welcome to the very merry world of Milk Makeup.
Kush Fam Set High volume mascara + makeup bag.
Blur Fam Set Blur essentials for great skin.
Meet The Fam Set Best-selling minis
Blur Stick Silicone-free matte primer
Luminous Blur Stick Luminous matte primer
Watermelon Brightening Serum Brightening solid serum.
Solid Skincare Fam Set Mini solid skin sticks.
Pick-Me-Up Fam Set Post-party essentials for an instant refresh.
Holographic Stick Best-selling holographic highlighter
Buy 3 Holographic Sticks for $60
Matcha Cleanser Daily facial cleanser
Matcha Toner Solid toner stick
Lip Metal Metallic liquid lipstick
KUSH High Volume Mascara High volume mascara
Lip + Cheek The stick that can do both.
Matte Bronzer Cream bronzer stick
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