Get the Look: 99% Angel

by Kiran Gill

Nothing quite says otherworldly like a swipe of holographic. Can’t get enough? Channel our campaign star Sasha and create your most intense highlight yet by swiping on Holographic Stick in Supernova from brow bone to cheekbone, then packing on the Holographic Highlighting Powder. (Both are made with meteorite powder and twilight pearls for some serious, out-of-this-world magic.) Add a smattering of star tattoos, and you’re more than ready for liftoff. It’s 99% angel and 1%… whatever you want.



Get the Look

Blur Liquid Matte Foundation Full coverage, lightweight foundation.
Holographic Stick Creamy prismatic highlighter.
Holographic Lip Gloss Prismatic lip gloss.
$24 $12