Make Moves With Flex: Meet Lumia, Tatiana, and Ava Make Moves With Flex: Meet Lumia, Tatiana, and Ava

Make Moves With Flex: Meet Lumia, Tatiana, and Ava

by Abby McIntosh + Emily Gaynor

The Milk Makeup world is big and wild and wonderful. Our community is everything to us — all that we do is inspired by them. They write sonnets and deliver pizzas and make music and go to class. They brush their teeth while they bleach their eyebrows and take care of their kids and wear some really crazy sh*t. They make the rules. They make the fun. They live their look. They push us forward.

We knew that it only made sense to call them up to help us launch Flex Foundation Stick, our new medium coverage, natural finish foundation. It has a super comfortable formula that covers, calms, and flexes without creasing or caking, and it comes in 36 shades with a balance of undertones. Basically, it allows you to keep making moves without worrying about the small stuff.

So to give Flex Foundation Stick a proper welcome, we held an open casting and called up some Milk Makeup Fam. 250 people came through, and we sat down with a few of them to talk about life, makeup, and all the other good stuff. We’re super excited for you to meet them and see them Flex. Here are Lumia, Tatiana, and Ava. 


Milk Makeup: Tell us about yourself.
Lumia Nocito: My name is Lumia Nocito. I am from New York City. I’m 20 years old and I’m an artist. Photography is my main medium, and I’m currently studying fine art at the Cooper Union School.

MMU: What’s a day in your life?
LN: I love being able to do what I want for my job. I love being able to do what I love. I love being on set, so I love being able to wake up early and either go to set for modeling or for photography. I mean, ideally it’s nice and I get to sleep in. I’ll get up, get my coffee, hang outside. I like to hang out with my friends and take photos with them. That’s the best thing that I can do.

MMU: Do you go to class during the day?
LN: Yeah. It’s summer now, but if it’s during school I’ll go to class and be in studio all day working on my stuff. And that’s, like, less photo-focused. But if I’m hanging out with my friends, I’ll just be taking photos of them.

MMU: What about nights? Do you like to go out?
LN: I used to love partying, but lately I haven’t really been going out. I definitely am always down to go dance. If I’m in the mood, I’ll be down to get together with my girls or like, my whole squad, and we’ll go out and go dance. Or go play pool or take photos.

MMU: How do you flex your individuality?
LN: I mean, I do whatever I want. I’m not necessarily paying attention to what’s cool right now. I just feel like if I’m not staying true to myself and it doesn’t feel right, it’s kind of painful for me. I could never, for example, wear something that’s trending just because it’s trending. In school, I’ll never try to fit in with a group of people. I feel like it’s just based on feeling and it’s always been that way. I pursued art and photography because that’s what feels right and what makes the most sense; it’s what I understand inherently and in my body.

MMU: What’s your weirdest flex?
LN: My friends tell me that I’m the kind of person that would make someone get me, like, only the blue M&Ms.

MMU: How does makeup/beauty allow you to flex your individuality?
LN: Lately I haven’t been wearing that much makeup, but I always wear makeup when I go out and I love doing fun makeup looks. I’d do freckles often — that was the last thing I was into. I used brown liquid liner and just did dots. That was my last makeup flex. I used to like putting gems under my eyes or doing fun, colored, winged liner. But I do love doing my makeup and feeling good before going out.

MMU: What’s your next flex?
LN: I’m making a group photo book with a curated bunch of artists who are mostly here now, but some aren’t in New York. I also really wanna do an art show in the fall.

MMU: Anything else you want people to know?
LN: Come to my art show in the fall when you see it and keep up with my shit.


Milk Makeup: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Tatiana: My name’s Tatiana. I’m a model. I’m from Queens.

MMU: How did you get started with modeling?
T: I got scouted at a festival, at Afropunk. Literally, within two months I signed with my mother agent and then I signed with Muse in January.

MMU: Have you had a lot of work?
T: A lot of work, which is amazing. Once I signed with my mother agent, I did my first editorial the next week with my son. I just went to Texas last month to do a campaign.

MMU: How old is he?
T: He’s one.

MMU: And before modeling what were you interested in? What were you up to?
T: Honestly, I was partying.

MMU: Did you ever think you’d be a model?
T: I wanted it but I didn’t really think I was gonna do good. I was like “Ok, so maybe I am made for this.” I have no complaints. It’s fun. I love doing what I do.

MMU: How do you flex your individuality?
T: Definitely how I dress. But definitely also my makeup. I feel like if your face is not beat enough, it won’t compliment your outfit, you know?

MMU: On a given day, do you have a full routine?
T: Here’s the crazy part: Sometimes I hardly wear makeup. Like I’ll just do foundation and be on my way. But I wanna get into more makeup, like eyeliner and lashes.

MMU: Do you watch tutorials?
T: I’ve watched a few, but the makeup community is very messy right now.

MMU: Have you been following along?
T: Yeah and I just can’t. Like, I’m here for the makeup. I got 10 minutes into the Tati [Westbrook] video.

MMU: Do you have a skincare routine?
T: Yeah, a lot of people ask me questions about my skin. Like, my aunt called me yesterday harassing me about what I use on my skin. It’s really simple. I’m not saying I’m jesus and I have such amazing skin, ‘cause I do break out from time to time. I do an Indian clay mask and I use Noxzema, the whole set. My skin was really, really bad after I had my baby because of all the hormones and stuff. I also use tea tree oil, but not a lot.

MMU: Yeah, you spot treat with it?
T: Yeah, a lot of people just put it just put it all over their face and wonder why their skin is breaking out. And then the last one I use is African black soap.

MMU: What’s your weirdest flex?
T: I don’t know. I wouldn’t say it’s weird, but I paint. A lot of people don’t know about me. When I’m like, “I’m gonna go home and paint,” people are like, “..What?”

MMU: What kind of painting do you do?
T: Like splatter. I feel like when you do splatter you release so much emotion and I feel less anxiety. I just paint how I feel.

MMU: What’s your next flex?
T: I really don’t know what’s happening after this. I mean work, which I love, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing some more good things like this [campaign].


Milk Makeup: Hi, so can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Ava: My name’s Ava. I’m 20 years old. I’ve lived in New York for two years but I’m from Knoxville, Tennessee.

MMU: What’s a day in the life like for you?
A: Most days, I go to class. I go to school here. I’m on summer break right now.

MMU: Do you model while you’re in school?
A: Yeah, my agency’s really good at balancing and knowing my schedule and accommodating.

MMU: So then what’s your ideal day?
A: I get up really early and I head out with nothing exactly in mind. I feel like this sounds weird. I just wander. I walk a lot. I feel like when you’re walking, time moves very fast.

MMU: Really? I feel like everything slows down a little bit.
A: I feel like when I’m walking, time moves fast. I like that.

MMU: Does it give you time to think?
A: Yes. I don’t know how it lead to this [laughs]. It’s not like I wander alone all the time [laughs]. But I did it the other day and I really enjoyed it.

MMU: So do you like to go out with friends?
A: Yes.

What do you like to do when you go out with friends?
A: I like Washington Square Park. If I can make it up to Central Park, I’ll do that, but it’s a journey.

MMU: Good people-watching in Central Park.
A: Yeah. Prospect Park is also really nice.

MMU: How do you flex your individuality?
A: It could be how I dress. For a while, that was sort of how I would express myself. I feel like I’ve gotten less into fashion lately, but it’s what I would use, I feel. I like to stand out, growing up in Tennessee, like with what I wear…. Thinking back on it now, it was probably terrible and not even that stand out-ish. I’ve been bleaching my eyebrows for two years and I feel like that’s become my thing.

MMU: Did you know that you wanted to move to New York for a long time?
A: Yeah, I think when I started high school. I always knew that I wanted to move away.

MMU: So what is it about fashion that you’re not into now?
A: Studying it in school really made realize that it’s not what I want to do. I switched majors from fashion business to art history and museum professions. I’m a history nerd. I always have been; I don’t know why. Not exactly sure where that’s gonna go, so….

MMU: What’s your weirdest flex?
A: My friends think I’m a robot because I come across as emotionless sometimes.

MMU: What’s your relationship with makeup and beauty?
A: Occasionally, if someone does my makeup who knows how to do it well, I could enjoy it. But I’m not really good at doing makeup myself. Also, I like the way I look better without it. I just wear, like, blush and a little concealer and maybe a little highlight.

MMU: Do you go out of your way to take care of your skin?
A: I feel like part of it’s genetic, but I do like to take care of it. It makes me feel good.

MMU: What about your freckles?
A: It’s something I’ve grown to love. Growing up, I hated them. Especially in middle school, I would wear so much foundation to cover them up. We’d always try to tan, but if I’m exposed to the sun I get tons of freckles, so I would always cover my face with a shirt. I’m really pale and I just burn easily anyways.

Image credits: 
Jai Odell

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