Make Moves With Flex: Meet Sierra, MaryV, and Dylan Make Moves With Flex: Meet Sierra, MaryV, and Dylan

Make Moves With Flex: Meet Sierra, MaryV, and Dylan

by Abby McIntosh + Emily Gaynor 

The Milk Makeup world is big and wild and wonderful. Our community is everything to us — all that we do is inspired by them. They write sonnets and deliver pizzas and make music and go to class. They brush their teeth while they bleach their eyebrows and take care of their kids and wear some really crazy sh*t. They make the rules. They make the fun. They live their look. They push us forward.

We knew that it only made sense to call them up to help us launch Flex Foundation Stick, our new medium coverage, natural finish foundation. It has a super comfortable formula that covers, calms, and flexes without creasing or caking, and it comes in 36 shades with a balance of undertones. Basically, it allows you to keep making moves without worrying about the small stuff.

So to give Flex Foundation Stick a proper welcome, we held an open casting and called up some Milk Makeup Fam. 250 people came through, and we sat down with a few of them to talk about life, makeup, and all the other good stuff. We’re super excited for you to meet them and see them Flex. Here are MaryV, Dylan, and Sierra. 


MMU: Can you share a little bit about yourself?
MaryV: My name is MaryV. I’m from Denver, Colorado. I’m 20 years old. Oh wait, I’m 21! And I live in Brooklyn.

MMU: What do you do day to day?
MV: On a working day where I have to wake up at 8 AM or 9 AM to get to a modeling job and they’re like, “Okay, hi!” and there’s so many people trying to talk to me…. I just eat some stuff and relax a little and then I’m like, “Okay.”

I like to wake up a little late, maybe 11 AM, waking up having some tea, then just picking up a little, doing some emails. Kind of very slow and relaxed. And then if I can just hang out with my friends, go to the park, just go sit and talk somewhere with people. Or do a photoshoot of some sort, photographing people in whatever environment they’re in. And then having a really good dinner. Either my friends and I will cook together or [go] somewhere with a good salad or a good pasta dish. And Joy Indian in Brooklyn is really good!

MMU: How do you flex your individuality?
MV: Through trying to be kind and understanding to everyone. I feel like sometimes I get a little shy around people but I’m just trying to absorb what their energy is and what they’re trying to communicate to me in whatever way they are. I’m just trying to absorb everything around me.

MMU: What’s your weirdest flex?
MV: My boyfriend and my mom like bond over this — they’re like MaryV, you’re so slow. You know the expression stop and smell the flowers? My mom’s like, “MaryV, you’re smelling every damn flower.” I’m just trying to take everything in.

MMU: Is that weird for you here in NY?
MV: I think now with two years in New York I’ve gotten my New York rhythm, but still sometimes I’m like la-dee-da-dee-da.

MMU: What’s your relationship with makeup and beauty?
MV: I don’t really ever wear makeup unless I’m going out or for a shoot or a performance or something. I think it’s a really great way to show an emotion you’re feeling or a mood you’re feeling. Like they gave me this black eyeliner [on this shoot] and it’s so sick, I feel like a badass. I feel like that’s my mood for this morning after being tired.

I think skincare is really important. I’ve been trying to drink more water, moisturize more, wash my face every morning and every night. Staying on top of that is really important. I feel most confident when I just have really clear skin. That’s like my makeup.

MMU: What’s your next flex?
MV: I’m excited for the summer just ‘cause the warm weather is back, the sun is out. Summer’s my favorite season. Everyone’s happy and they remember why New York is awesome. And I’m excited to be a part of more things and do more shoots.


MMU: Tell us a bit about yourself.
Dylan: I’m from Petaluma, California. I’m 23. I’ve lived in New York for two years. I was on and off for a year, and then I officially moved here a year ago.

MMU: What do you do?
D: I used to be a pizza delivery driver. I was at Bruno’s in Massachusetts where I went to school and then I was at Archie’s [in New York]. If you ever heard someone answer the phone, it’s highly likely that it was me. “Archie’s Bushwick! How may I help you?” I quit in January and I’ve been full-time freelancing since.

I went to school for sculpture and now I work on fabricating and stuff for a couple different clients. Because that’s freelance, it gives me time to go to castings. But I’ve been modeling for, like, three years. I modeled some in school, but now that I’m here it’s picking up. I’m basically full-time modeling now, but I choose to do the fabrication stuff because we all have our third 24th birthday at some point [laughs]. But I’m a sculptor and I love doing that. I love working in the studio and learning from the people I work for.

MMU: How do you flex your individuality?
D: It’s corny, but style. I flex my style. It’s really important to me. I don’t want to be the girl-next-door and I don’t think that’s what I’m ever serving. I have fun getting dressed — I try to keep it euphoric not dysphoric. I’m such a bad outfit repeater, though! But when I play, I really play.

MMU: What’s your weirdest flex?
D: Probably having no eyebrows! [laughs]. The first time I got it done was on set three years ago. This makeup artist took them off and I was like, I like that! It’s part of my base routine now. I brush my teeth, I bleach my eyebrows. I do it whenever I have a shoot or a casting.

MMU: How does makeup/beauty allow you to flex who you are?
D: It’s important to me for sure. I usually do a little something, like I have to have a little bit [of makeup]. I don’t usually go too crazy with it, but I do like to experiment and change it. I definitely go through phases. I like to watch a lot of stupid YouTube videos and they do the wildest looks and then I’m like, “Huh, now I know how to contour and do this crazy eyeshadow.” And then I never do it. I do highlighter, mascara, maybe some blush. I love your Holographic Sticks actually. I like to accentuate my eyes. I found when I bleached my eyebrows, a little bit goes way further. I have really strong eyebrows, and my eyeliner — I could do a full wing and it would look normal, but now I do the smallest amount of eyeliner and it’s like, “Woah, that girl is beat.”

MMU: What’s your next flex?
D: I’ve been really trying to manifest traveling for work. My family’s out in LA and I’ve been there twice this year and I’m trying to just keep going out there and being more bicoastal. My brother’s out there and it’s so nice seeing all my friends and family.

MMU: So LA vs NY — which do you prefer?
D: I love the fashion here. There are way more weirdos here. But then in LA it’s just slower. I like a quick pace. I get some manic energy sometimes, just hard working always, but it’s nice to have that break every once in a while.


MMU: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Sierra: My name is Sierra but I go by Viylet. I’m an artist. I mostly draw using oil pastels. Sometimes I paint. My art is like dreamy surrealism. And I live right outside of Philly.

MMU: How did you get into it?
S: I’ve always been an artist but my parents always inspired me with it. My mom makes cakes and stuff. She does cake art. I’m trying to get into baking, too, but vegan, plant-based everything.

MMU: How’d you get into modeling?
S: This is my second big shoot, so I’m really excited. I literally just got into modeling randomly. Akrav [my agency] just reached out to me.

MMU: How do you flex your individuality?
S: Being true to my heart. I always say I listen to my heart’s vision, so that’s what I’m doing.

MMU: What’s your relationship to beauty?
S: I love skincare. I’m always using African black soap. I love that so much. I had really bad acne at one point, but as soon as I started using that my skin got better. I use rosewater spray, love that. I spray it around my room, too.

MMU: What about makeup?
S: I used to wear a lot of makeup, but I’ve been lessening it. Usually concealer, lip liner, lipstick.

MMU: What’s your weirdest flex?
S: I feel like I’m socially awkward sometimes. I sing. I’m a little shy about that right now, but I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone.

MMU: What’s your next flex?
S: I’m working with going bigger with my paintings and drawings. I’m trying to ease my way into painting.

MMU: How do you promote them?
S: I post it on my social media and I’m a writer, too, so I’ll put my writings along with it.

Image credits:
MaryV by Jai Odell
Dylan by Alasdair McLellan 
Sierra by Jai Odell

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