Make Moves With Flex: Meet Maluca, Jonny, and Jeffrey Make Moves With Flex: Meet Maluca, Jonny, and Jeffrey

Make Moves With Flex: Meet Maluca, Jonny, and Jeffrey

by Abby McIntosh + Emily Gaynor

The Milk Makeup world is big and wild and wonderful. Our community is everything to us — all that we do is inspired by them. They write sonnets and deliver pizzas and make music and go to class. They brush their teeth while they bleach their eyebrows and take care of their kids and wear some really crazy sh*t. They make the rules. They make the fun. They live their look. They push us forward.

We knew that it only made sense to call them up to help us launch Flex Foundation Stick, our new medium coverage, natural finish foundation. It has a super comfortable formula that covers, calms, and flexes without creasing or caking, and it comes in 36 shades with a balance of undertones. Basically, it allows you to keep making moves without worrying about the small stuff.

So to give Flex Foundation Stick a proper welcome, we held an open casting and called up some Milk Makeup Fam. 250 people came through, and we sat down with a few of them to talk about life, makeup, and all the other good stuff. We’re super excited for you to meet them and see them Flex. Here are Jonny Uptown, Jeffrey Moneysparks, and Maluca Mala.


Milk Makeup: Can we get your name, your age, and where you’re from?
Maluca Mala: My name is Maluca Mala. I’m 37. I grew up in New York and I live in New York.

MMU: What do you do?
MM: A perfect day for me is… I like to wake up early, meditate, go to pilates, grab lunch with friends, maybe go to a spiritual or breathwork class… and make love to my man. A crazy workday is like, waking up early, rushing to the airport, getting on a plane, with dancers and crew and flying to a different country. I’m just working on my album here and in LA. Recently it’s been like, going to the studio, I just moved to a new apartment, finishing writing, doing shoots, then I fly to work in a couple of weeks.

MMU: NY vs LA?
MM: I mean, New York! But I f*ckin’ love LA. Some of my best, best, best friends live there. My two best girlfriends are from LA and then I have some friends like Kingdom who are like New York/LA. I love summers in New York City. There’s no other place like a f*ckin’ summer in New York City. It’s sweaty, you’re half-naked, you smell, there’s water pumps. And then it gets cold and I’m like, I gotta go. The goal is to get a house here and a house in LA.

MMU: How do you flex your individuality?
MM: The number one way I flex is by meditating. That’s how you really get to know who the fuck you are and how to cancel out all the outside noise. And through my music and with my voice and with my fashions. I love to get dressed with an intention. My style is sporty, kinda half-naked. I like to be comfortable but I also like to wear a shoe that’s just ridiculous.

MMU: What’s your weirdest flex?
MM: Probably the poses I do in yoga. I’m really into Kundalini. That shit is next level yoga.

MMU: Is that hot yoga?
MM: Bikram is the one that’s hot, but he’s kinda problematic so I don’t f*ck with that. Kundalini is like breathwork and a lot of repetition and you leave feeling high.

MMU: What’s your skincare/makeup thing?
MM: I love putting on makeup. I like nice, natural makeup with something that pops, like filling in my eyebrows in a different color, or a fun lip or a fun eye. If I wake up one day and I’m not, like, going to a function but I wanna look fab to go to the grocery store, then yeah, why not? It’s okay to be the most for no reason.

I’m obsessed with skincare. I love a good oil. I love any kind of exfoliating like acid, like Biologique Recherche, the P50. Also, Moon Juice has a really good one. It’s a pore snatcher. It’s f*cking good, it’s like a P50 but cheaper and you get way more. And I’m into all the adaptogens and stuff. And retinol!

MMU: So you go nuts with the exfoliants?
MM: HAM. That’s how I stay snatched at my age.

MMU: What’s your next flex?
MM: My album. I can’t talk too much about it. But it’s fab and I’m in love with it.

MMU: Do you know when it’s gonna come out?
MM: No. But I like how you tried.


Milk Makeup: Where are you from?
Both: The Bronx.

Jeffrey Moneysparks: You already know. Home of the greats.

MMU: What do you do?
Jonny Uptown: I’m the man with the rhymes. I’m the guy with the wordplay, you feel me? I lay it on you and that’s it. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, you don’t.

JM: Facts, facts. You could say I’m the man with the rhymes, too, but I write Shakespearean sonnets. I’m mastering it right now.

MMU: How long have you been doing that?
JM: Two years.

MMU: How did you get into that?
JM: I started writing just a little bit and then I started getting into the arts and learning and looking into science and it brought me to the real Shakespearean type of flow. Now I’m mastering the whole language of it, so it’s cool now.

JU: I would always write on and off, but when I first did it I could never finish a song. How I work is if I get stuck, I can just make a new one, so why finish when I can just make a new one. But it doesn’t matter if you have 30 unfinished compared to one fire, so I’d rather just stick to my one fire. If I have writer’s block, I might take a shower. I be feeling like taking a shower be clearing my mind. I might sleep. Or I link with my friends.

JM: I don’t mean to flex or brag, but I don’t really have writer’s block.

MMU: How do you flex your individuality?
JM: I try to do it subtly by style. I come through. I try to wear cozy things but not too flashy. A lot of people like to do it too flashy. If you’re too confident around people, it kinda throws ‘em off. It’s how I move and present myself.

JU: At the end of the day, it really does show through the clothes. Before I get to talk to you, you see me walk into the room. You’re judging me off rip. So personally, I’m a very colorful person and I feel as if my clothes… like, I came here in orange because I have a very vibrant aura.

MMU: Where do you guys get clothes?
JM: I’m not gonna tell you. I can’t tell you. A lot of people don’t know how to be themselves. If I tell you, everybody starts runnin’.

JU: And then they feel like they got you on this thing.

JM: It’s definitely mostly online. When we was younger we used to shop in SoHo, but now SoHo’s kinda whack. We just tap into all the clothes online.

JU: We used to hit thrift shops.

MMU: What’s your weirdest flex?
JU: This is only for the ladies! If you get really, really close, I have a heart-shaped pupil.

JM: I cannot top that.

JU: If you dead wanna see it, I have a heart-shaped pupil.

JM: Weird flex? I don’t really know right now. I’m sorry.

MMU: What’s your relationship to beauty and makeup?
JU: We’re beautiful. That’s the relationship to makeup and beauty. But there’s more, there’s more.

JM: I feel like you should wash your face when you get up and when you go to sleep. But all of the skincare things? Put all those away. You’re just doing too much. Just let your skin live, you know? God don’t make mistakes.

JU: Drink water. Stay hydrated.

MMU: What about a hair routine?
JM: A silky. Put the silky on. If you don’t know what a silky is, it’s a durag.

JU: For all the uncultured ones.

MMU: So you guys are low maintenance?
JU: We’re low maintenance because, you know, we already naturally take care of ourselves so we don’t gotta do that much.

MMU: What’s your next flex?
JM: I have Sparks Varsity which is a little streetwear brand I’m working on so I’m gonna get that to all of my friends. After that, I’ll branch out and let people buy it.

JU: And I’m debating between dropping the hottest single New York has ever heard or a mixtape.

Image credits: 
Jai Odell