Meet the Milk Makeup Field Team: First up, Sara Wren Meet the Milk Makeup Field Team: First up, Sara Wren

Meet the Milk Makeup Field Team: First up, Sara Wren

by Emily Gaynor


The Milk Makeup fam is chockfull of talented people, spanning many different departments — from the social media squad, to product developers, to creative designers, there’s no shortage of cool careers in the community. One important job sector that you might not know exists? Our field team. MMU’s field team has the rad responsibility of spreading the brand’s message and our product 101 to all of the Sephora employees. The field team is scattered across the country so that they can pivot from one location to another, educating the Sephora team about the ins and outs of our unique beauty moves. This ensures that when you shop, you, in turn, are getting all the right info from people who thoroughly know the 411. Because the field team lives and breathes the beauty (and the brand), we thought we’d introduce them, one by one. We promise you’ll find them interesting. Plus, you’ll definitely pick up a makeup trick or two. First up, meet Sara Wren. This girl knows a red lip.


Milk Makeup: What’s your name?
Sara Wren: Sara Wren, but most people call me Wren. My Insta handle is @wrentar.

MMU: Where are you from/where do you live?
Sara: I am from the suburbs of Philly, but now I live in the Italian Market area of Philadelphia (best food EVER).

MMU: Can you explain what being on the Field Team means?
Sara: Spreading the Milk Makeup gospel and love all up and down the east coast…educating clients and Sephora cast members on our amazing brand.

MMU: How did you get started in beauty?
Sara: I started doing makeup on friends and for the drama club in high school. Aside from a small stint at an ice cream shop, makeup has been my whole life.

MMU: What do you love most about Milk Makeup?
Sara: The innovative ingredients…from hydrating glitters to preservative-free foundation. Milk Makeup is giving you really amazing payoff without compromising the product’s integrity.

MMU: What are your favorite social media handles to follow?
Sara: @Pixiwoos — Samantha Chapman and her sister are AMAZINGLY talented makeup artists with some acerbic wit peppered in.

@AmericanMortals — The best hair salon in Philly, serving ALL the hair colors and cuts you can imagine.

@Theonion — Their “faux” headlines crack me up daily.

@Truehandsociety — This is my tattoo shop filled with the most talented artists in the city (@Plymouthfan does all my work these days).

MMU: What’s one beauty tip you swear by?
Sara: A bright lip fixes EVERYTHING. From making you look more awake to distracting from a nasty blemish, a statement lip is my savior…shout out to Milk Makeup Lip Color in Name Drop, my signature color.

MMU: Can you take me through your makeup routine? What are your staples and how do you use them?
Sara: After a rigorous moisturizing routine I start with Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint in Fair all over and I use Fair Flex Concealer under my eyes, around my red nose, and on any dark spots/blemishes. I have a pretty standard look every day that doesn’t change too much (creature of habit, ya’ll!). I use Baked Bronzer along my hairline, down my nose, and tops of cheeks and chin to create a warmed-up glow, with Perk Lip + Cheek on the apples of my cheeks. I use the same buffing brush (Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) with all of these products, so everything melts together seamlessly. Then, I go in with Gel Brow in Dark Brew …I love a dark ‘80s Madonna-esque fluffy brow, so I’m not shy with it. Next up, eyes, I use Baked Bronzer again all-over the lid and through the bottom lashes, with Bridge Eye Vinyl dabbed on the center of my lid, under the brow, down my nose and tops of cheekbones. Then, TONS of Ubame Mascara. Lastly, I finish with Name Drop Lip Color….this is the color and formula I have waited for my whole life. Whenever I wear it, people stop me in the streets to ask what it is…and everyone I know owns one now. It’s a perfect 1940s orange/red that doesn’t budge, and it makes my blue eyes look like LASERS!


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MMU: Same with skincare — can you take me through your skincare process?
Sara: My nighttime routine is very ritualistic and relaxing. I start with a cleansing balm (Farmacy’s Green Clean) for my makeup removing first cleanse, then follow with Milk Makeup’s Charcoal Cleanser for a gentle, foaming wash. I have VERY, VERY dry skin (it’s cold here!) and I am prone to hormonal chin breakouts, so I have to maintain moisture, but also keep my pores clean. At night I swear by my lactic acid serum (Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Serum) and then a retinoid oil on top (Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Oil). I am a huge fan of natural oils ..they keep my skin hydrated, but prevent pimples that heavy creams often give me. In the morning I splash my face with very cold water and follow with Milk Makeup’s Matcha Toner and then I use a very gentle eye cream (Burt’s Bees Sensitive Eye Cream) because I have eyes that are prone to redness and watering. Then I follow with a vitamin C serum (Sunday Riley’s CEO Serum) and Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil…which I also put on my elbows, through my hair and all over my hands.

MMU: What is one thing you’re excited about beauty-wise in 2018?
Sara: I’ve heard heavy, black messy eyeliner is making a return and I love that. I dreamt of being Helena Christensen in the “Wicked Game” video….all covered in bronzer, smudged eyeliner, and gloss, my whole life. I love the look of a simple, but stark, graphic eye….it’s a very universal look.

“Grown” glitter is a big one for me, too. I always thought glitter was for nights out or a bit too garish for daytime, but these new finely milled glow glitters are perfect for working into a day look as a highlight on the lips, eyes, and cheeks.

MMU: What’s the most common beauty question you get asked while you’re out in the field?
Sara:  “What’s on your skin?”

Sometimes people think the key to good-looking skin is all in the foundation, but it really starts with skincare. My skin looks dewy, plump and healthy because I care for it BEFORE I put on makeup. I think the natural inclination when we have mildly problematic skin is to put full-coverage everywhere. I am a firm believer in spending the time prepping your skin — it makes all your makeup look better!

MMU: Did you ever have any beauty insecurities? How did you overcome them, if so?
Sara: Oh, of course! I oscillate between feeling like a supermodel and a potato most days. I am 32 now, and as I age, I see how my skin and body are changing and it’s tough when you notice darker circles and deeper lines. Usually, when I am not taking care of myself, I am feeling and looking worse, so I am a huge believer in self-care/quiet time to drink lots of water, do a facial massage with some oil, and SLEEP IN. Feeling good = looking great

MMU: What’s one random thing you want people to know about you?
Sara: Last year I watched all 11 seasons of Cheers.