Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes, all of our products are cruelty-free. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals and we do not retail in any country that requires animal testing.

Are you owned by a company that tests on animals?

No, we are not affiliated with any other beauty company.

Do you use parabens in your products?

No way! We use the best possible ingredients in our products, including natural oils, fruit and vegetable butters, and thoughtful formulation with minimal to no preservatives.

Are your products vegan?

Our line is 100% vegan. Read more about what clean beauty means to us here.

Where can I find your current promotions?

We love a promo! You learn about all our current promos here.

What is Milk Melt Technology?

We’re glad you asked. Milk Melt Technology is our secret weapon formula made up of a unique blend of coconut waxes that melt into skin on contact with body heat. That means your makeup blends seamlessly into your skin, rather than sitting on top of it. And who doesn’t want that?

How do you suggest applying your products?

We suggest using your fingertips to help Milk Melt Technology best blend into skin. It also makes for quick and easy application that can be done anywhere—like, in the back of a cab when you only have five minutes. All of our products are made to be used without brushes or tools, but if you just can’t part with your favorite fan or blender, we won’t hold it against you.

How do I know what shade is right for me?

Can’t make it to a store to try out your shade? Send us a selfie at advice@milkmakeup.com or call us at 1-888-686-MILK Mon.–Fri. 9am–5pm and we’ll help you out.

Where is my order?

Orders placed at milkmakeup.com will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Orders placed after 1pm EST will be processed the following business day. All orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed the following business day. You can access your order status and history anytime by signing into your account. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail shipping confirmation to the e-mail address provided at purchase. For anything else, you can reach us at hello@milkmakeup.com or speak to someone directly at 1-888-686-MILK Mon.–Fri. 9AM–5PM EST.

How much is shipping?

$8. We current offer free UPS Ground shipping within the continental U.S. for all orders over $30. We also offer expedited shipping if you just can’t wait—you can find all pricing and details for that on our shipping page.

Do you ship internationally?

We're now available internationally at Sephora, Cult Beauty, and Selfridges. Selfridges.com also ships globally to 130 countries, which means more ways to meet Milk Makeup. We can't wait for you to join the Milk Family. As always, we're here for any questions.

What is your returns policy?

We want you to love our products as much as we do. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, let us know and we will be happy to assist you with an exchange or return. Email us at hello@milkmakeup.com or call us at 1-888-686-MILK within 90 days of the date of purchase. For reasons of health and safety we will only be able to offer a refund or exchange on unused items. Once the return is processed, we will credit your original form of payment. Please note, that your banking institution may require additional days to process and post the transaction to your account. One exception is KUSH Growhouse ™ Lash + Brow Serum, our daily serum that boosts and nourishes hair for longer-looking, fuller-looking lashes and brows. It takes 4 weeks to start seeing results (with full payoff in 12 weeks), but we promise that it’s worth the wait. If for some reason you’re not loving it, we have extended our return period on this item to 120 days.

Once we receive your package, your refund will be issued to your original payment method within 7-10 business days.

Please note: Exchanges can only be made for items of equal or lesser value. Feel free to email us your order number to returns@milkmakeup.com ; or call us at 1-888-686-MILK Mon. – Fri. 9am – 5pm EST and we’ll help you out.

How long does it take to process a return

Refunds for returned items are processed within 3-5 business days.


I entered the wrong email address for my order. What should I do?

Not a prob. Send us an email at hello@milkmakeup.com or call us at 1-888-686-MILK Mon.–Fri. 9am-5pm and we’ll be happy to help.

I’m a blogger and want to review your products — how can I request samples?

You can send us an email at family@milkmakeup.com.

I work for a magazine or publication — who can I talk to about products and brand news?

Hit us up at pr@milkmakeup.com. We would be happy to answer questions about the brand and consider sample requests.

Do you offer a pro program or discount code?

We do not at the moment, but make sure to follow us on social in case that ever changes.

I'm a Makeup Artist - how can I request products for my kit?

Email us at mua@milkmakeup.com. We would love to connect and consider product requests.

Where can I purchase your products in person?

Milk Makeup is available in select Sephora. To find a location nearest you, please search our Store Locator.

How do I find out about new products?

The best way to find out about new products, brand news, and other cool stuff is to sign up for our mailing list. Promise we won’t blow up your inbox.

Can I get a sample?

For sure. We give away select samples with purchases on milkmakeup.com and are in sampling programs through Sephora, too. For the most up-to-date info on our available samples, join our email list.

Can I purchase the stickers separately?

We don’t sell them separately but we do include them with each order.

I want to work for you, how can I apply?

We love that you are interested in working with us! Please send your resume to Careers@milkmakeup.com.

Flex Foundation Stick

What’s the difference between the BLMF/Flex foundation/SST?

Blur Liquid Matte Foundation is a full coverage, matte foundation. Sunshine Skin Tint is a sheer, dewy foundation for when you want light coverage that allows your skin to really show through. Flex Foundation is a medium coverage, natural finish foundation that covers, calms, and flexes with your face.

Is this recommended for oily skin?

It is recommended for all skin types.

Are these contouring sticks?

No, but darker shades can be used to contour.

How- to apply?

Swipe Flex Foundation Stick directly onto skin and blend with foundation brush, sponge, or fingertips.

How to clean stick?

To clean Flex Foundation Stick, you can wipe it with a makeup cleansing wipe.

How to store? What temperature?

For best results, store Flex Foundation Stick at room temperature.

How long will this product last?

It depends on how often the product is used, but up to around 3 months.

Can I use this as a concealer?

Yes, as a medium coverage concealer. Or, pair it with Flex Concealer.

How much product should I use for a medium coverage?

Swipe one layer of Flex Foundation Stick across your forehead, cheeks, and the center of your face for medium coverage.

What is the best tool to use to blend in this product?

This product can be blended with a brush, sponge, and with your fingertips.

Will it dry out my skin? Is it best for normal, oily, or dry skin?

No, this is infused with hydrating ingredients to moisturize, calm, and soothe skin.

Should I use moisturizer with this product since it contains ingredients that already hydrate and smooth my skin?

Yes, you should use moisturizer as you would with your normal skincare routine before starting on your makeup routine.

Should I use primer?

Yes, you can use primer with this formula. It works well with Hydro Grip Primer to provide additional hydrating and gripping benefits.

How long is the wear of this foundation?

All day, but we do not have hour wear claims testing.

Flex Highlighter

What is Synthetic Fluorphlogopite? How is this ingredient better than Mica?

Synthetic fluorphlogopite is an inorganic, man-made compound, also known as synthetic mica. It provides cleaner and more consistent pearl as compared to natural mica.

What is the purpose of the dimethicone in this product?

Dimethicone is a unique binder that works as a skin protectant and conditioner in a powder formula. It leaves a silky smooth texture on skin along with a subtle gloss by filling in fine lines and wrinkles on the surface.

What is the difference between Flex Highlighter and the Highlighter stick?

Flex Highlighter is in a pressed powder format and has a very high pearl content that delivers a high impact, mirror-like highlight effect, while Highlighter Stick is a cream formula in a stick format that delivers more of a natural, sheer glow.

Will using this product improve my skin? Will I notice my skin is more hydrated after use?

The formula is infused with hyaluronic acid-filled spheres to plump and smooth skin with ultimate hydration.

Will the highlight last all day?


Is the coverage buildable?


Can it be used with powder and cream foundations?


What does ‘slurry’ texture mean?

Slurry is a combination of the formulation/texture and the technical production process. It enhances the formula by providing a creamy, silky texture and pearlescent effect. It also allows for even, smooth payoff. The silky smooth texture of the Flex Highlighter slurry helps to create a slight blurring effect.

KUSH Growhouse™Lash + Brow Serum

How soon should I see results?

See results beginning in 4 weeks with full payoff in 12 weeks. Results may vary by person.

How many coats should I apply?

Swipe one coat across your upper and lower lash lines. And draw hair-like strokes upward from the starts of your brows to the tails. Use morning and night. Allow formula 1-2 minutes to dry.

Is it safe to apply more than one coat?

Yes, but it is not necessary.

Should I apply this before my mascara or is is safe to use after?

Apply KUSH Growhouse™️ Lash + Brow Serum before applying mascara. Allow formula 1-2 minutes to dry before starting the rest of your routine.

How long should I wait before I apply my mascara?

Allow the formula 1-2 minutes to dry.

Can I wear this under my Kush Brow Gel?


Are there any side effects? Will my eyelids get darker?

No, because the formula is 94% natural and does not contain prostaglandin (or other steroids), you don’t have to worry about eye or skin discoloration or irritation.

I have sensitive eyes...is this product safe to use?

Yes. The formula is 94% natural and non-irritating. It’s also ophthalmologist-tested.

Can I use this if I wear contacts?

Yes. It’s ophthalmologist-tested.

Is this waterproof?


What is the main ingredient(s) that makes this product work and how?

KUSH Growhouse™️ Lash + Brow Serum is formulated with hemp-derived cannabis seed extract, the KUSH Growhouse™️ peptide blend, plus aloe, quinoa, and B5. They work together to condition, strengthen, and support healthier hair follicles for longer-, thicker-looking lashes and brows.

Is there a risk of allergic reactions or eye infections?

This formula is ophthalmologist-tested.

How much serum do I need to use? Thin or thick coat?

One thin coat to each lash line and along your brows daily, morning and night.

What should I do if this product gets in my eyes?

Nothing, unless there is any type of burning sensation, then you should rinse eyes with water.

Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder FAQ

Does this product contain silicone/dimethicone?

No. Blur + Set is cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan, talc-free, silicone-free, dimethicone-free.

What the size is this product?

Blur + Set is 25 grams.

What is the shelf-life on this item after/before opening?

Blur + Set will last up to 18 months after opening. Blur + Set will last up to 24 months before opening.

I have acne and or oily skin will this product clog my pores? Is it non-comedogenic?

Blur + Set is 31% lighter than most setting powders and it’s formulated with avocado powder and hyaluronic acid to smooth skin so it doesn’t settle into your pores and fine lines. Check our ingredient blacklist to see which ingredients we never use and consult with your dermatologist for any known sensitivities.

How do you suggest applying this product?

If using enclosed sponge (infused with antibacterial charcoal to help keep it clean) or a to set makeup, place sponge over mesh and shake to pick up powder, then lightly dust all over face as a final step to set makeup.
For best results with a brush, use a domed brush to set makeup. Bounce brush onto mesh opening to pick up powder, tap off excess, and dust all over face as a final step to set makeup.
STUDIO TIP: To bake for a full-face finish, dampen enclosed sponge, or a flat edge brush. Tap jar to spill powder through mesh opening onto lid, use sponge to pick up powder and pack under eyes, or wherever you want to add brightness or highlight. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and brush off excess.

Should I apply before or after foundation?

Apply after foundation to set makeup. Or, wear alone to blur pores and absorb oil for a smooth finish.

How do I clean the sponge/mesh included with this item?

To clean the charcoal-infused sponge, wash it with warm water and mild soap. Lay it flat and let it dry in a cool, dry area. The sponge will expand when wet and will shrink to normal size when dry. Make sure sponge is fully dry before storing or reusing. Do no not wring or twist with force, the material could tear.

What type of hyaluronic acid is used in this product and what are the benefits?

Blur + Set is formulated with sodium hyaluronate, the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, to help hydrate and smooth skin so powder lays without settling into fine lines.

KUSH High Volume Mascara FAQ

Why did you formulate with Cannabis? 

Ever since the inception of Milk Makeup, we wanted to create a product that showcases the amazing properties of cannabis oil. When we started talking about coming out with a fully vegan volumizing mascara with fibers, we knew we couldn't use beeswax, a common binding component in mascara formulas. Enter: Cannabis oil. Hemp-derived cannabis oil fuses the heart-shaped fibers to your lashes without fallout. It whips the formula into a creamy texture that allows for smoother application on lashes and an easier, tug-free removal. It also provides an additional conditioning benefit. Kush Mascara is the vegan way to get major volume and healthier-looking lashes in one hit.

How do I apply it?

Wiggle the Puff Puff Brush from lash line to tip, using the brush head to reach and define inner and bottom lashes. Add coats for intense volume that stays clump-free.

Is Kush Mascara travel-friendly?

Yes! It’s only 10 grams, so take it with you on-the-go.

Will this get me high? Are there any side affects?

Nope! Our hemp-derived cannabis oil is not psychoactive. It doesn’t contain THC, so you won’t get high. But you will have high volume lashes.

Is Kush Mascara safe for those with sensitive eyes/skin? 

Yes. However, we always recommend that you review the ingredients with your doctor or a certified professional if you have any known sensitivities.

Is this waterproof? 


What are the benefits of cannabis oil? 

Cannabis oil derived from hemp naturally conditions for healthier-looking lashes. The cannabis in the formula also fuses the heart-shaped fibers to lashes for major volume without fallout. And the formula fills the hollow fibers for another dose of volume.

Percentage of cannabis oil included?

Kush Mascara is formulated with a low dose of cannabis oil to whip the formula into a creamy texture, while also providing conditioning benefits to your lashes.

What is the difference between Kush and Ubame Charcoal Mascara ; is the Ubame discontinued?

Ubame Mascara is NOT discontinued. Kush Mascara is our first-ever high volume mascara packed with heart-shaped volumizing fibers and hemp-derived cannabis oil. Ubame is a light, buildable, 74% natural mascara for subtle definition. It’s formulated with sapphire dust to provide depth and ubame oak charcoal for a hint of tint. If you’re going for intense volume and thickening, Kush is the way to go. If you’re aiming for a more natural everyday look, Ubame all the way. Different looks, different vibes. Try both!

What is the expiration date/shelf life before/after opening product?

Your mascara can last up to 6 months after opening.

Is this safe for expectant mothers or those breastfeeding?

This product is safe for expectant mothers and those breastfeeding, but we always recommend speaking with your doctor or a certified professional before using any products you might have sensitivity to.

Is Kush Mascara safe for use with contact lenses?

Yes, Kush is perfectly safe for use with contact lenses.

Are the fibers in your mascara natural?

Yes, the fibers in our mascara are natural plant-based, heart-shaped microfibers.

How long does the product last (stay on)?

Kush is a long-lasting mascara that you can build up throughout the day. The formula will not flake or result in fallout, thanks to the conditioning cannabis oil that keeps it  ~smoooth~.

What fragrance is used in this product?

There is no fragrance included in the formulation.

Key Product Ingredient Benefits List

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil* - hydrates and conditions

Heart-shaped fibers - volumize, lengthen, and curl

Pure pigment - intense black pigment

Poppy seed oil - nourishes and moisturizes

Sunflower seed oil - hydrates and softens

Cupuacu butter - seals in moisture

*The cannabis oil in Kush Mascara is hemp-derived and non-psychoactive.

Hydro Grip Primer FAQ

What is agave?

Blue agave extract is the ingredient behind the gripping powers of Hydro Grip Primer. It has film-forming properties to hold makeup all day and is derived from the nectar of the blue agave plant. You may recognize the plant as the base ingredient of tequila. Blue agave grows in very specific arid conditions and needs little moisture to survive. It stores its water and contains carbohydrates that draw moisture close to the skin. The fructose in blue agave extract also helps protect skin by locking the good stuff in, and keeping the bad stuff out.

Where is your blue agave sourced from? United States or South America?

Our blue agave extract is sourced from Jalisco, Mexico.

Can I wear this with a powder foundation?

Yes, allow Hydro Grip Primer one minute to fully absorb and then you can apply any makeup you’d normally wear on top. Hydro Grip Primer will instantly hydrate to plump and smooth for blissed-out skin and grip makeup for all-day hold.

Do I apply this before or after my moisturizer?

Hydro Grip Primer is the last step in your skincare routine, right before makeup application. So, apply your moisturizer and sunscreen first and then apply a thin layer of Hydro Grip Primer. Allow it one minute to fully absorb and then continue your usual makeup routine.

What are the benefits of aloe water? Where is it sourced from?

Aloe water is another hydrator in Hydro Grip Primer. It moisturizes to plump and smooth skin without leaving a greasy residue and also provides anti-inflammatory benefits and antioxidant protection. The aloe water in Hydro Grip Primer is sourced from Italy.

What are the (key) differences/benefits between hydro and blur stick?

Hydro Grip Primer is a hydrating makeup primer that gives skin a glassy finish. Blur Stick Primer is a mattifying makeup primer that blurs pores and leaves a matte finish.

I'd love to take this on the go, is there a mini version of this primer?

Yep, you know we love minis! You can buy it here.

Will this work with any foundation, or only Sunshine Skin Tint and Blur?

Yes! Hydro Grip Primer works well with any foundation. When paired with Sunshine Skin Tint, the result is sheer coverage and a glassy, dewy finish. When paired with Blur Liquid Matte Foundation, the result is full coverage and a demi-matte finish.

Can this be worn with the Blur Stick?

Yep! You can use Blur Stick to spot treat areas in need of oil control and apply Hydro Grip Primer to areas in need of hydration and gripping powers to hold makeup.

What are the benefits of Hyaluronic acid in this product?

Hyaluronic acid helps to replenish your skin’s moisture levels, instantly hydrating the skin for a smoother, plumper, healthier-looking base.

Is this safe for sensitive/acne prone skin or those with skin conditions? (Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis)

Hydro Grip Primer is silicone-free, oil-free, fragrance-free and gluten-free, making it suitable for sensitive skin. We always suggest doing a patch test on your arm to make sure it works with your skin before applying on your face.

Got any other questions? Hit us up at hello@milkmakeup.com and we’ll help you out.