Everything You Need to Know About Blur Liquid Matte Foundation Everything You Need to Know About Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

Everything You Need to Know About Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

by Abby McIntosh

Ever since the launch of our new full coverage Blur Liquid Matte Foundation, we’ve been getting tons of questions about it. How do I apply it? Is it okay for my skin type? What’s in it? Your questions deserve answers, so we decided to sit down and chat with Dianna Ruth, our Co-Founder and COO, so that you can hear directly from the brains behind Blur Liquid Matte Foundation. She answered all of your most-asked questions and threw in some fun facts, so read on to get the full rundown on Blur Liquid Matte Foundation.

Q: First things first: what is Blur Liquid Matte Foundation?
A: It is a full-coverage liquid matte foundation that has almost a serum-like texture. It’s very thin and has a cushion feel to it, which is very different than other foundations on the market, and I think you can tell a difference the second you touch it.

Q: How long did it take to make? How many iterations did it go through?
A: It took about a year. It probably went through six rounds just to get the base formula and then four to five rounds per shade to get to the right shade execution.

Q: What’s it made of?
A: It’s made with pure pigments, which is a whole different thing that we’ll talk about. It also has the blurring microspheres in it (like the Blur Stick) as well as hyaluronic acid. It does need to be shaken, because the pigments settle. We didn’t load it with lots of preservatives, which would have kept it stable, but those are all of the unnatural fillers that you don’t need, so we chose to take them out.

Q: What’s up with pure pigments?
A: “Pure pigments” means that we used a very limited range (white, red, black, and yellow) to make the shades, so that all of the shades are made out of the same base from a mixture of those four colorants. The result is a really true color that keeps the range balanced. It allows you to create very fine differences in each shade, which is very new to foundation. In each shade, there can be so many undertones, and using pure pigments allows you to easily achieve those different tones.

Dab + Blend makes sure you get the most out of our Blur Liquid Matte Foundation ✨

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Q: Does that give it a more natural color on the skin?
A: It gives a truer undertone. Some foundations give you a very unnatural undertone, which is, like, grey because they’re using a grey or a brown base, but no one’s skin is a true color as a base.

Q: Interesting! Tell us about the shade range. 
A: We have 16 shades and we’re going to be expanding sometime soon. (!!!) To come up with the initial 16, we listened to our community, we listened to Sephora, and we looked at the sales of our other face products.

Q: It’s oil-free and silicone-free. Why is it important for makeup, especially foundation, to be made with good ingredients?
A: It’s important because it’s full coverage and you’re putting it all over your face. At some point in the day, whatever you put on your skin is going to go into your pores and you want to have it be as healthy as possible. When the ingredients aren’t good, that’s when you can get breakouts, enlarged pores, or irritation.

Q: Why did you choose to make this foundation silicone-free? We see silicone-free written on things, but I don’t think a lot of people know why. 
A: For me, silicones always clogged my pores. It was a personal reason why I started taking it out of our products. I hate the feeling and texture of silicone; it’s like spackle. Silicone is usually in a gel-like form, but when it heats up, it turns into a liquid — think of candle wax. It’s basically like spreading candle wax all over your face and then as you heat up, it’s melting and jamming into your pores. You’re likely going to get a breakout.

Q: Is Blur Liquid good for acne-prone skin?
A: Definitely. I would recommend anything from our Blur collection for acne-prone skin because the blurring microspheres are great for absorbing oil. It’s also going to cover acne beautifully and won’t irritate or inflame it because it doesn’t have any irritating chemicals in it.

Q: How do you use it personally?
A: I tend to be on the drier side, so my first step would definitely be heavy exfoliation. Then, I would apply some kind of face oil or moisturizer, whatever I’m using that day, and apply Blur Liquid on top. I use two dots on my cheek, a tiny dot on my forehead, and a tiny dot on my chin; then I blend it all out with the Dab + Blend. When I apply that little, it’s not full, full coverage — I kind of sheer it out —but when I have heavier breakouts, I’ll use a little more on my forehead, or wherever, to cover it up.

Q: How do you use it with Blur Stick and Blur Spray?
A: You would do your normal skincare routine and then you have two choices: The first is to use the Blur Stick primer on your face, apply your foundation on top, and then set it with Blur Spray. The second option, if you want a lighter feel, is to do the Blur Spray first, then foundation, and touch up with Blur Stick throughout the day.

Q: What about the packaging?
A: Putting it in a tube was a very intentional choice. We wanted it feel sporty and active and on-the-go. I was really annoyed at glass bottle foundations. I think they’re dated; I think they’re wasteful; I think they’re gaudy — I don’t know who lives like that anymore! We felt like the tube made it more user-friendly.

The formula is so thin that we had to build a special kind of needle-nosed tip. It’s patented and airtight and it also has a locking mechanism, so it won’t come out unless you squeeze it. You can hold the tube over your head and it’s never going to drip out! This helps with messiness, it helps with travel (it’s never going to spill out into your bag), and it just gives you more control when you apply it. The tube is also frosted to protect it from light.

A : What’s the difference between Sunshine Skin Tint and Blur Liquid Matte Foundation?
A: Sunshine Skin Tint has SPF in it; that’s the first big differentiating factor. It’s also super sheer and gives you a dewy look, whereas Blur Liquid is full coverage and matte — two totally different finishes, two totally different effects on your skin. It all depends on the look and coverage you prefer.

Q: You’ve been making products for a really long time; what is it like to make your own foundation?
A: It’s funny; I’ve made a lot of foundations over my years and I never think I’m making them for myself. I think of, with this one, the person who has acne or skin issues that they want to cover. That’s why I love seeing those YouTube videos of the girls who have acne — seeing that this is helping them and making them feel more confident. I always think of the various end users when an item is about to be finished. I think of people out in the world enjoying it in their lives. I like to think about the items out there living in people’s homes, almost like they’re pets or something…

Q: Tell us about Dab + Blend.
A: So, Dab + Blend is a silicone applicator. Ours is unique because it has a teardrop shape, it’s glitter-filled, it has the Milk logo, and it comes in a cute bag. The teardrop shape helps you get into all the nooks and crannies of your face.

Silicone applicators are great because they’re reusable, anti-microbial, and more travel-friendly than sponges. It’s also our first applicator tool, so I’m excited to see the response and how people are using it. I also love that you can use it for so many different things: fake tanner, serums, or to apply any of our sticks.

Q: Or for moisturizer!
A: Yeah, especially if you have nails and don’t wanna get stuff in your nails; it’s a great solve for that.

Q: How do you know when a product is a winner?
A: I have a tray at my desk of all the different things that we’re working on: new formulas, old formulas. When a formula comes across my desk and I bring it home with me because I want to wear it on the weekends, that’s when I know it’s a winner. If it can actually jump from just living in try-on-here-land to “I need that in my daily routine,” then I know it’s a solid item.

We’re glad Blur Liquid made the cut. Thank you so much, Dianna! 

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