Behind the Video: Leikeli47 M I L K Behind the Video: Leikeli47 M I L K

Behind the Video: Leikeli47 M I L K

by Abby McIntosh

When we heard that musical innovator Leikeli47 wrote a song for us, we knew we had to celebrate. Seeing as Milk is known for its parties, it only seemed natural that we do justice to our rad Milk Makeup community by partnering with the artist on a collaborative video (slash Milk party tbh) for her newest single, “M I L K.” We’ve been obsessed with Leikeli47 since before Milk Makeup even launched. “When Rassi and I heard her songs ‘Miss America’ and ‘Two Times a Charm,’ we were like, this is the sound of Milk Makeup,” says our co-founder Georgie. “I like that she’s a true original. There’s a really unique combination of soul, style, grit, and pop sensibilities that she combines in her music and who she is.”

We shot the video at our home at Milk LA and our own Georgie directed it, channeling the spirit of a classic Milk party by creating a fluorescent dreamscape complete with Milk Family members like DJ Princess Gollum and our own Influencer Manager Chelsea March as stars. For Leikeli, working with Milk on the video was an obvious choice: “Milk Makeup and I are more family than anything,” she says. “They genuinely love and care about me and the feeling is a trillion percent mutual.” The result is a visual representation of all that Milk Makeup stands for — independence, originality, and fun. Check out the holographic fantastic video vibes for yourself — sing along and #LiveYourLook.