Behind the Scenes: The Making of Kush Mascara Behind the Scenes: The Making of Kush Mascara

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Kush Mascara

by Abby McIntosh

Keeping secrets can be a hard thing to do…especially when it’s literally your job. We’ve had to keep Kush Mascara under wraps for months, and it hasn’t been easy. The process of making Kush Mascara involved lots of fun decisions, some hard ones, and surprises that we wanted so badly to share with you. Alas, we knew we had to keep it all to ourselves so that the reveal would be that much better. Now that the secret’s out, we thought we’d let you in on some stories and secrets about Kush Mascara straight from the people who brought it to your makeup bag.

You’ll notice that the Kush Mascara tube feels nice and fancy in your hands. That’s because Kush Mascara was carved out of a solid block of recyclable aluminum as opposed to the usual process of stamping packaging out of thin aluminum. It’s trickier to make the outer metal adhere to the inner tube this way, but we think it’s worth it for a mascara that’ll  survive drops on your bathroom floor and stay lookin’ brand new in your makeup bag. – Rhonda, Senior Product Engineer

We went through more than 150 iterations of packaging before we landed on the final version. Kush Mascara is also the first product that we’ve used black writing on. –Alex, Art Director, Product

I took a two-day trip to Italy in November to meet with our manufacturers and make sure everything was on track for our launch. It was probably the most exhausting trip of my life! – Jess, Director of Product Development

Our COO, Dianna Ruth, says that this was the most challenging product she’s ever had to make: “Kush Mascara literally broke me and I have been in this business for 18 years.  The complexity of the formula, packaging, secondary packaging, and overall production was an almost insurmountable task, but I work with the most talented team in the industry and now we’re celebrating together!” –Dianna Ruth, COO

Kush Mascara traveled from Italy on temperature-controlled flights, and we planted special thermometers inside of the shipping cartons to ensure that the temperatures were stable throughout the international shipping process. Imagine the thought of each mascara having it’s own first-class, temperature controlled seat on a plane! –Susan, Senior Director of Logistics and Operations

Our final product check at the factory happened to fall on the morning after the “bomb cyclone” winter storm this year. Our Product Design team trekked to the New Jersey facility in the snow and bitter cold to find out a machine on the roof had frozen overnight and had to wait hours for the machine to warm back up so it could print the packaging. –Kali, Product Design Director

This is our first time introducing neon green and black and white images into the top shelf of a store display! Also, we are aligning all Sephora doors to launch the product on the same day.  This is rare and very hard to execute. – Melissa Melillo, Director of Brand Development  & Operations

The brush head on Kush Mascara is actually bright pink, not black. Awww. –Karena, Product & Package Design Manager

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